Star Wars: The Mandalorian Season 2 Episode 6 Easter Eggs Explained

The Empire

– Several different stormtrooper rank markings are visible in the big battle scene, including the orange shoulder pads for officers.

– What we guessed a couple weeks ago was true: the new Imperial enemies are Dark Troopers. It’s unclear for now what exactly they are, though, as they seemed to have some organic components but are also quite obviously droids. If they’re Force sensitive, we haven’t seen any sign of that yet. They may end up being closer to the cyborg super-soldiers from the Dark Forces video game.

– The Imperial Remnant has once again brought out the big guns: specifically, the E-Web heavy repeater.

The New Republic

– The Karthon Chop Fields are where former mercenary Migs Mayfeld was sentenced for his part in the prison break last season. This is a brand-new location, the existence of which implies the New Republic sends prisoners to do hard labor.

– It’s revealed at the tail end of the episode that Marshal Cara Dune has accepted the invitation to join the New Republic. She now has rules she needs to follow.

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