Star Wars, who dances better between Oscar Isaac and Adam Driver? Daisy Ridley answers

Filed the sequel trilogy of Star Wars of which she was the absolute protagonist, Daisy Ridley she indulged in a light-hearted interview aimed at discovering some of the funniest curiosities related to the protagonists of the last three films of the saga. Ridley also answered questions regarding the romantic sphere of the characters.

Some questions asked the actress for example who she preferred as a dancer in a hypothetical challenge between Oscar Isaac and Adam Driver and their respective characters from the Star Wars saga. "Oscar knows the steps, so I would say - no offense - Poe Dameron"Ridley replied to Tatler when asked to choose between one of the two.

Recently the actress lashed out at the behavior of some insiders of the sets she worked on: "I've been told I'm intimidating. It was in Chaos Walking. They were doing my hair, I was getting my wig on. I remember thinking 'God, should I be smaller? Should I be calmer? ' They also called me aggressive. My energy is 'pretty aggressive'. That had happened during a meeting with a director".

In the interview, the actress also told about her relationship with the fame resulting from Star Wars: "When I agreed to star in the saga there was nothing in my contract that said 'Your private life will be talked about'. It had gotten to the point where I had realized that so many details of my life were public. People knew the name of my mother, my father, my sisters' work. And I thought it would be nice to have something just for me that wasn't shared with anyone. I just thought I preferred to keep my private and professional life separate".

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Meanwhile, Liam Neeson has returned to talk about Star Wars and in the comics it was revealed that Darth Vader was aware of Exegol.

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