Steve Jobs Called Disney CEO Bob Iger to Tell Him ‘Iron Man 2’ Sucked

We discovered that Disney got before their purchase of Marvel Studios at ’09 to the Marvel picture industry.

Oddly enough, Marvel’s purchase went from Disney shareholder Steve Jobs along with Apple CEO, however Jobs did not discontinue he had noticed in theatres. Discover more below.


At Bob Iger’s publication, the Disney CEO remembers:  “After Ironman two arrived on the scene, Steve [Jobs] chose his son see it called me the following moment.

‘I required final night Reed to watch Ironman two,’ he explained.

Which may appear meanspirited of steve-jobs only to telephone Bob Iger to share with him that Iron-man two sucked, however true that gripe could be. But Jobs has been a board member at also their shareholder and Disney. Therefore any organization enterprise decision that was huge came Jobs was consulted with Iger. And that contained the purchase of Marvel Studios.

Whilst speaking about his novel, Bob Iger spoke to Vanity Fair about Steve Jobs’ participation from the Marvel bargain: “At 2009, after our very powerful purchase of Pixar, we’re enthusiastic about acquiring Marvel, therefore that I met Steve and walked through the company.

He promised to haven’t read a comic book in his entire lifetime (‘I despise them I hate video games,”’ he explained ), therefore that I attracted an encyclopedia of all Marvel characters together with me personally to spell out the entire world to him and show him exactly what we’d be looking for.

He then pushed it aside spent approximately 10 minutes searching at it and said,’Can that important for youpersonally? Do you desire to buy?
Iron-man two hit theatres only just a little under annually later Disney found Marvel Studios.

This means Disney was not a part of the growth.

However, Jobs seemingly have gone out of the way to party on the movie for a method of expressing that he did not have faith in his choice. He would be shown wrong and Marvel is Disney purchase to date as the box office can be involved.

However much a forward thinker Jobs has been, it’s apparent he did not necessarily have the ideal vision for your possibility of super heroes on the bigscreen. He is wrong about books generally, although He’s been right about Ironman two.

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