Stranger Things: The reason the Demogorgon chose Will as their first prey

As we know, the fourth season of Stranger Things is on the way, this unrivaled Netflix universe has shown that it still has a lot to offer fans.

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With the latter, a new theory has emerged as to why the Demogorgon has chosen Will and not another member of the club of friends. This apparently could be of vital importance to understand the future of the series.

And more now that this incredible creature is in the power of the Russians, that only when the next installment is released do we know what these subjects intend to do with such similar power.

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This theory covers from the first season of the Netflix production, where Will has the misfortune to return home after spending time with his friends, however, on the way he realizes that there is something following him, so he tries a thousand things to be left alone, but this does not work and disappears in less than a second.

As the chapter progresses we realize that Will manages to survive at the hands of this being for a week, then escapes, and then faces the Mind Flayer for the next two seasons.

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Well, the faithful followers of the series, have managed to decipher because this entity chose to confront Will, it is said that it was because the movements of this character have been constant throughout the episodes. Remembering also that Nancy deduced that blood attracts this character, making a confinement cutting himself next to Jonathan.

So fans deduce that Will's fall from his bike may have caused some open injury, causing the Demogorgon to chase after him. However, they also comment that this creature was already chasing him before he got hurt.

So if it's not the blood that drives him crazy, the creature may go after the people near the door to the Upside Down. In other words, the noise alerts you much more than the smell of blood.

So it can be concluded that it is the noise that Will makes when he meets this creature can be much more important to pursue him than an insignificant scratch that could have caused the fall.

Another theory dictates that Eleven would be the key, the Demogorgon appears just when she uses the powers and in fact she had just been in the forest when she meets Will, perhaps it is a mixture of the three or one of them is indicated, what which we will only know in the fourth or the following seasons.

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