Studio Ghibli will have a theme park and will open sooner than you think

The theme park Studio Ghibli is a fact, something that has driven his thousands of fans crazy and they are about to start their buildings in the coming months to open its doors sooner than you think.

For a long time, Studio Ghibli has been one of the entertainment companies with great recognition all over the world.

Together with Hayao Miyazaki, the animation studio has managed to create dozens of stories taking your viewers to worlds full of fantasies.

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Now it seems that that was not all for the studio, because now he seeks to do everything in the real life in its theme park, which will open its doors in 2022.

The theme park begin to finally his building during the next month of July, as reported by the colleagues of ANN, in order to be able to open during the fall of 2022.

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Will be built three different zones, having as name Ghibli no Daisoko, Seishun no Oka and Dondoko Mori.

They will be used approximately $ 98 million in order to cover the construction costs in those areas and it is expected that the virus outbreak will not affect the current opening schedule.

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After the opening of the first three zones in the fall of 2022, it is expected that one year later the areas will be accessible Mononoke no Sato and Majo no Tani Area.

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Some of the films that can be seen represented in the park will be "My neighbor Totoro"," Princess Mononoke "and" Nicky the Witch's Apprentice ".

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When the opening is expected there will be around a million visitors, while over time it is speculated that it could reach 1.8 million visitors.

It is had in average that the Final budget for the creation of the park, between planning and construction, be $ 310 million.

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So all fans of Studio Ghibli movies be prepared for this new adventure that is to come, it will surely be incredible.

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