Succession Recap: A-Hunting We Will Go — Who Tattled on Logan?

This week on HBO’s Succession, Logan saved the annual company retreat on observe, regardless of quite a few distractions — however did it (cough) “increase morale,” as meant?

The new scorching matter at Waystar, largely within the title of giving Stewy an impossibly giant tablet to swallow, was Logan’s revived curiosity in buying PMG (Pearce Media Group, I'm guessing). His aggressive stance on the concept was met with well-concealed eyerolls, partly as a result of Pearce runs a official information division that “rivals” ATN, so there are optics and possibly media monopoly points to contemplate. However on the floor, Kendall, Roman et al gave the concept a thumbs-up, for now. And if the outdated man goes to push via on this, Roman is jonesing to carry the fragile deal residence, so he decides to succeed in out to a Pearce member of the family who's friends with Tabitha.

Regardless of all that is happening, with the proxy conflict and so on;, Logan insists on forging forward with the company retreat — to Hungary — although for a number of causes he instructs Shiv to remain behind and do what she will be able to to cease Connor from releasing a doubtlessly viral “marketing campaign” video during which he publicizes his intent to not pay taxes, even vulnerable to imprisonment. To that finish, Shiv deftly recruits Willa to the trigger, and even tags alongside on an evening out together with her actor buddies. However even after interesting to Willa’s want that Connor blow $10 million on her Broadway dream versus cutthroat consultants, Shiv fails in her bid — Connor releases the video to the Web. However on the brilliant facet, Shiv got here away from the night out with a brand new hook-up, with Willa’s TV-snubbing, news-averse actor good friend.

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En path to Hungary in a PJ, Logan learns that somebody near him has been talking to the girl who’s out to jot down an unauthorized biography of the media titan. As we noticed earlier within the hour, Greg took a “pre-meeting assembly” with the author, solely to by accident remark, on the document, about how Logan guidelines with an iron fist, earlier than clumsily backtracking after which bolting out the door. Greg confides his lapse in judgement o Tom, who in turns advises him to maintain his lips zipped, and hope the Rat Bastard in IT doesn’t dig up any damning information.

The retreat itself begins off with a super-lame “hunt,” during which pigs are trotted throughout an open highway flanked by Tom, Kendall et al perched close by in blinds. However that evening, the hunt actually begins, when Logan learns that PMG obtained wind of Waystar’s curiosity and is already freaking out. Logan begins grilling the attendees one after the other, over dinner, beginning with ex-COO Frank, who eagerly accepted an invitation again into the corporate fold. Logan then singled out Tom, Greg and another exec to step to the facet and be “boars on the ground.” And within the freakiest get together sport for the reason that film Prepared or Not (which I noticed final evening), Logan orders the boys to crawl on all fours, snorting and with eyes closed, earlier than lunging at sausage hyperlinks to scarf down. It's brutal, and it's demeaning. And the three males go together with it.

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Kendall in the meantime makes use of the air of pandemonium to grab Roman’s telephone, following a mysterious name his brother took earlier. Kendall finds proof that Roman has been involved with one of many Pearces. Logan rails at Rome’s piss-poor judgement, no matter his intentions, however declares that they may nonetheless pursue PMG, and win.

As for the snitch, the subsequent morning over breakfast, Logan learns that an outdated affiliate named Mo is the “rat” at hand… and that Mo subsequently handed away. Logan very briefly mourns the loss, earlier than ordering the IT over to the man’s residence to look his laptop computer for intel on what he advised the biographer. Logan then calls Siobhan to arrange a time to begin on-boarding her at Waystar, as a primary step towards her taking over.

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