Superman, a fan-art imagines Michael B. Jordan as the protagonist of the reboot

We still know little or nothing about this new Superman: the reboot of the superhero so far played by Henry Cavill in the DC Extended Universe remains to this day a mysterious project, with only the names of JJ Abrams at the production and Ta-Nehisi Coates at the screenplay as certainties to hold onto to begin to shape this movie.

Some indications, in reality, are however emerging with the passing of the days: it seems more and more likely, for example, that for new version of the Kryptonian hero DC and Warner Bros. may decide to focus no longer on the now over-exploited Clark Kent, but on a character inspired by the two black Supermans so far appeared in the DC comics, namely the Val-Zod of Terra 2 and the Calvin Ellis seen in Final Crisis (who knows, maybe directly adapting one of the two characters).

In short, the hypothesis of a black Superman is becoming more and more plausible and already many are making the name of Michael B. Jordan as a more sensible choice for the role of the protagonist: the actor, for those who do not remember him, had already tried to present the idea of ​​a black Superman to Warner Bros., but failed to realize the project. Could it be the right time? Meanwhile, a fan-art has already imagined Jordan as Black Superman. Meanwhile, let's see what this could mean for the future of Henry Cavill's Superman.

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