Surprise at the wedding of Kimberly Loaiza and Juan de Dios Pantoja


On August 28, the renowned youtubers and singers Kimberly Loaiza Y Juan de Dios Pantoja They were married by civil means, something that drew attention in the video they shared recently is that when making a toast, Kimberly did not do it the same as those present.

The news of their wedding quickly went viral on social networks, especially on the microblogging service better known as Twitter, where the words "Jukilop wedding" have become quite popular in a very short time, since the video did not more than an hour that was shared.

It was through the official channel of Kimberly Loaiza That the video of their wedding was shared leading up to the same title, practically instantaneously the reaction was not the visualizations comments but also some images of the event were taken and shared on social networks.

The fans of the singers are really excited by this news that many have been waiting for since they announced their reconciliation, as you will know at the beginning of the year when Juan de Dios asked Kimberly Loaiza to be his wife, although they have lived together for a long time. to ask and make it official is just as exciting.

This meeting was quite small and only a few friends and family were present, La Lindura Mayor assured that the church wedding would be a major party, of course Juan de Dios Pantoja added that the party will take place and I will carry out once the pandemic has ceased.

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Throughout 34 minutes we can see the entire process of the ceremony and the party, one of the most important moments in any wedding is the fact of making the toast because everyone celebrates and sends good wishes through this simultaneous action.

It is usually made with sparkling drinks with a certain degree of alcohol, however Kimberly Loaiza does not usually consume this type of drink so she chose to make her toast a little different because she had another drink that did not contain alcohol.

Obviously from the girlfriend Kimberly Loaiza She was the protagonist of the event, however her daughter Kima was the one who took away the limelight in some scenes, because she looked really beautiful, she accompanied her parents throughout the ceremony.

Simultaneously when they released the video on YouTube, other people and haters immediately began to draw their conclusions, criticizing and stating that Kimberly Loaiza was pregnant again, and that this wedding it was only a smokescreen to give notice of her pregnancy in a few days.

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At the beginning of the video, both Kimberly and when God admitted they were not two perfect people, however, they do everything possible to always be aware of not only his family but his career and also his fans, who he is constantly thanking for his support. and his affection.

Kimberly Loaiza tends to take only and exclusively on the positive things that come into her life like Juan de Dios Pantoja, both rely on each of their projects and the sum of the couples that could be said to be more solid in the middle of the show.

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You probably remember the video where Kimberly Loaiza and Juan de Dios Pantoja appear revealing that they had already officially reconciled, in said video Kimberly mentioned that she had several surprises for her fans, although it was not something surprising that they would get married in a moment because it was more than obvious the surprise or the news in the same way pleased his fans.

We hope that the couple will have a marriage that is as happy and strong as the relationship they have had for eight years together.

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