Surprise Billie Eilish with a translucent nightgown Like never before!


American singer Billie Eilish After having been a bit he disappeared from the media has returned and surprised his fans with his costumes, this time with a transpar3nt3 nightdress letting see more.

Billie Eilish has been the center of attention lately, having leaked some pictures where she looks with a tight outfit, something completely different from how he usually dresses.

There is no doubt that Billie Eilish is one of the celebrities of the moment, since with only 18 years of age she has managed to sweep the last edition of the Grammy Awards with her first album.

It is very usual to see Billie with loose clothing such as baggy pants and maxi sweatshirts, fully covered to prevent them from talking about her body, something she has revealed on several occasions.

The "Bad guy" singer has defended herself in recent days from people who have criticized her body after she was caught in a tank top and shorts while shopping for groceries in Los Angeles.

This is how the singer responded with two posts on her official Instagram account, one of a short video of Chizi Duru in the stories where the YouTuber invited people to normalize real bodies and also reminded them that most of the things they see on social networks is not real.

Through social networks, his followers began to manifest themselves by publishing photographs of the singer where he appears with clothes very different from what he usually uses, to demonstrate in this way the great physique he has.

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In the networks, her fans began to demonstrate, publishing photos of the singer in which she appears with clothes different from what she usually wears, to show her great physique.

In one of the photographs, Eilish She appears with a transparent nightgown, printed with Playb0y bunnies and you can see that she is wearing a two-piece bikini underneath that highlights her incredible body as she has never shown it before.


There is no doubt that many of her fans were speechless when they saw her in that photograph in which she unveiled a very different look, making it clear that Billie manages her image at her pleasure and she decides how to show herself to the media.

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As we mentioned above, the interpreter of "Lovely" on several occasions has indicated and confirmed that she preferred to wear baggy and very loose clothing in order not to criticize her for her physique, but rather to be recognized for her great talent and this has been the case. since he started his artistic career.

Unfortunately, whether wearing loose or tight clothing, a person can be criticized for their physical appearance, however, as long as one feels sure of himself it is more than enough, as he has made known Billie Eilish.

Unfortunately, today's society relates beauty and talent to the figure of the artist, however over the years we have managed to see how great celebrities have stood out solely and exclusively for their voice. One of the great examples is Adele and Sam Smith.

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Billie Eilish Pirate Baird O'Connell acquired fame as an artist when he was only 13 years old, thanks to the single "Ocean Eyes" which was published in 2015 on the SoundCloud platform and re-launched with a music video on the platform. YouTube in 2016 when she was 14 years old, which undoubtedly made her become a viral phenomenon.

It is worth mentioning that on several occasions the singer has been compared in the media with Lavigne, Lorde and Del Rey, however, Billie She has indicated that she does not want to be compared to other people.

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