Surprise Chayanne from his bed, lying shirtless!


He singer originally from Puerto Rico Elmer Figueroa Arce known internationally as Chayanne He shared an image that surely caused more than sighs among his fandom, this increases exponentially when he shares images in which he appears wearing his figure, like the main photo of this note and that as a plus is in his bed.

Whenever there is talk about a news related to Chayanne it is cause for jubilation, the Puerto Rican singer is one of the few artists that we could say has not been entangled in scandals, he has always taken great care of his image before the media not only to protect to his career but also to his family, he is also very loved by his fans who are aware of everything related to him.

Chayanne was born on June 28, 1988 in the municipality of Río Piedras, Puerto Rico, until today he has been a singer for more than 42 years as an artist, singer, actor, dancer and also a composer, he has been married since 1992 to the lawyer and former beauty queen Marilisa Maronesse with whom he has two children.

Over the years Chayanne He has conquered millions not only thanks to his songs but also to his personality, which unfortunately nowadays few artists like him have it, it is perhaps why his fans adore him the most, the best of all is that said affection is reciprocal because He claims that if it weren't for his fans, he wouldn't be where he is today.

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In the image he shared on his official Instagram account almost four years ago on December 28, 2017, Chayanne appears lying on his bed, shirtless and outlining his characteristic smile that has raised so many passions, despite the fact that only his chest appears in the image surely his admirers were more than delighted,


Rainy day causes being in bed, "he wrote.

Despite the fact that the interpreter of "Salomé" is more than 50 years old, he continues to wear a spectacular figure and it is that he exercises daily, this to maintain a perfect state of health and physical condition because as you will always remember in each and every one of his presentations the show begins and ends dancing, delighting with each of its steps.

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Why are you doing this to me? " One of the pleasures of life .... The bed .. and by your side a dream, "wrote some fans.

Perhaps for the new generations of artists who come and go they have not found the key to success, in an interview Chayanne He confessed what his personal secret was, which for many could be his personality and charisma that is clear to him, he affirmed that his secret was dedication just like that, having dedication to his fans, family and concerts.

All his success derives from this, because being a dedicated man, he divides his time and manages to attend as many activities as he requires, for him also the balance between his career and his family has been a great determinant because despite the fact that he is an international star He has always maintained his humility and dedication towards his wife and children.

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Usually Chayanne The handsome singer does not tend to talk much about his family, he prefers to remain anonymous about it, however his two children today two nice adults cannot avoid sharing content on Instagram where they relate to their father, they largely they have also become social media celebrities.

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