Surprise "Lupine" for his audacity and pure entertainment

The first series released on the platform Netflix This year it has been "Lupine" and users have assured that it recovers the best of pure entertainment, it also surprises with its audacity and intelligence, so if you haven't seen it yet, this is the right time.

"Lupin", the new Netflix series has been quite surprising for its audacity, intelligence and ability to turn pure entertainment into a colossal prov0cation game that surprises in each of its chapters.

The most famous white-collar thief in literature comes to television once again with all his vigor and talent for deception.

The literary Arsenio Lupine is always in the middle of a deadly situation, about to carry out the robbery of the century or, in the best of cases, flirting with some lady.

His television version of "Lupine", the new Netflix series, shows a serious Assane Diop who has all the brilliant intelligence of the character, but sadly not his infallible charm.

This strange hybrid between metaference and something more ingenious is a sober and determined man, who has a goal in mind and that is, of course, a large-scale robbery.

However, unlike the literary hero, this white-collar thief is also a skilled gamer in the art of going unnoticed.

Perhaps, one of the most interesting elements of the free adaptation of Leblanc's work is to take the highest points of the literary story to turn it into a game of mirrors.

Between both versions of reality, the character weaves a careful web of deception and subtle traps, in order to plot a monumental network that has as its objective a robbery, but also a revenge and a redemption.

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During the first minutes of the series, the monumental aspect of Diop's objective seems to overwhelm him and, standing in front of the glass box that houses a priceless necklace, the character has the appearance of a shadow.

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One of the many workers who tour the museum at midnight, stunned by the stature of the works and treasures that surround him.

However, little by little, the plot wraps around the character becoming more and more powerful, and it soon makes it clear that all that semblance of humility is just a facade.

As if all of the above weren't enough, Diop finds himself obsessed with the thief knight imagined by Leblanc, causing his method to become a live recreation of the literary classic.

It is that insightful use of resources that mirror the book, while allowing the action to advance on screen, that makes Lupine a fortunate combination of several different elements that are highly effective.

The series is both the narration of a Heist movie in its purest form, as well as a good story in which the protagonist has all the attributes of the mysterious antihero.

The combination of both creates a protagonist who is not exempt from making mistakes, but whose cunning surpasses his failed experiments.

Like Arsène Lupine, Diop is on the hunt for a goal and the script doesn't go overboard on showing it immediately.

The whole plot is a puzzle whose pieces are not immediately visible and encompass more than just the dynamics of the robbery.

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With the Sherlock Holmes method and some nods to Inside Man, each chapter of the series is a collection of cross references.

Which is reinforced as Diop shows his true colors and the colossal quality of his ambition, that's when the real game begins in full force.

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