Surprising Things You Can Stream Online

The internet blasted into our lives in the early 1990s and immediately started to change the world. The changes were slow at first but revolutionary, bringing us search engines, browser games, even the first online stores and online casinos. And in its early years, it brought us streaming – but very few of us had the bandwidth to use it. The idea of following events in real-time has remained, though, making use of the evolution of the network, and returned several times until it became one of the dominant ways to consume content online.

Today, we stream more content than ever before. Listening to live radio, streaming personalized playlists, binge-watching series on Netflix and watching an influencer sing, dance or cook live on social media.

If you are a seasoned internet user, you may not be surprised by anything online. But there are streams you can follow today that may still surprise you.


Volcanoes are perhaps the scariest things you can think of – the sheer energy of eruptions is something humanity is not a match for. A volcano eruption is perhaps the most majestic and scariest thing you can witness.

Unfortunately (or not), you can’t find volcanoes on every corner – and eruptions can also be relatively rare – but if they happen, you can see them via live streaming online.

Volcanologists are constantly keeping an eye on volcanoes around the world to better understand how they work and perhaps predict when they erupt. And their instruments include webcams pointed at the craters constantly feeding a live image of the volcanoes to the world that you can see online.

And they are not hard to find – all you have to do is a quick Google search for “volcano webcam” to find dozens of them.

Gaming tables

Another thing you may be surprised that you can follow live via streaming is the gaming tables at real-life casinos. If you visit the finest live casino India has for you, you’ll have the chance to follow real-life croupiers spin roulette wheels or dealers play blackjack or baccarat through online streaming.

Actually, there’s more to it than just live streaming: the casinos use an ingenious combination of streaming video and interactive gaming to allow players to place bets on the roulette wheel or the hand of blackjack being streamed in real-time, combining the personal touch of a real-life casino and the accessibility and convenience of online games.

Tropical reefs and aquatic animals

Scuba diving is not for everyone – but anyone would enjoy the tranquillity and mysteries of the underwater universe. Luckily, you can see the vast oceans from the comfort of your home thanks to video streaming over the internet.

There are countless cameras pointed at the deep blue sea spying on the habitats of some of the most fascinating animals living under the surface. There are many of them to choose from – if you’re curious but don’t know where to start, you can check out’s collection of some of the most amazing ocean cams covering everything from jellyfish to sharks, sea lions to belugas, and many others.

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