T.I. taking his daughter to “examine her hymen” is not only scientifically silly, but old school, misogynistic and gross

Well-known folks say and do loads of silly shit. Bear in mind when rapper B.o.B. tried to begin a GoFundMe as a result of he genuinely believed the earth was flat? Or when Alec Baldwin was kicked off a flight for refusing to cease his sport of Phrases With Mates. But this week the rapper T.I. made these incidents look nearly smart with the revelation that he takes his daughter to the gynaecologist yearly to examine her hymen is nonetheless in intact.

In an interview on the Girls Like Us podcast T.I. mentioned being a dad or mum, and was requested whether or not he’d had the “intercourse speak” with his daughters. He then went on to clarify that he takes his 18-year-old daughter Deyjah Harris to the gynaecologist yearly to “examine her hymen” and see if it’d been damaged, as within the thoughts of T.I. a damaged hymen is indication she’s sexually energetic.

Not only does he head into the physician’s appointment with her, with Deyjah signing statements so he can see the confidential post-appointment data, when it was defined to him by well being professionals that the hymen will be damaged in a large number of different ways in which aren’t sexual penetration (like using a motorcycle or doing sports activities) he tells the podcast hosts he mentioned: “So I say: ‘Look, Doc, she don’t trip no horses, she don’t trip no bike, she don’t play no sports activities. Simply examine the hymen, please, and give me again my outcomes expeditiously.’” He added that as of her 18th birthday she nonetheless had her hymen intact. Unsurprisingly the episode through which he made this unsavoury claims has now been deleted.

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Eradicating the episode received’t make us overlook the extremely bleak revelation that T.I. makes his eldest daughter, who is legally an grownup, undergo an pointless and invasive medical process so he can guarantee she hasn’t had intercourse. There’s a lot improper with this, so let’s break it down.

T.I.’s actions reinforce the concept that a lady’s physique isn’t her personal, and ought to stay “pure” till she’s married. It additionally pushes the concept that intercourse is only penis-in-vagina penetration, and ignores the concept that intercourse means many alternative issues to many alternative folks. The entire thing is disgusting, and focuses on outdated concepts of how a lady ought to behave. It pushes a intercourse damaging, patriarchal narrative, and teaches younger ladies to be afraid of intercourse.

There have additionally been numerous studies that this sort of testing will also be inaccurate. A evaluate of “virginity testing” that appeared within the Reproductive Well being journal mentioned that “the inspection of the hymen can't give conclusive proof of vaginal penetration or every other sexual historical past”. You possibly can break your hymen doing train or sports activities, so in case your hymen’s “damaged” it doesn’t imply you’ve had intercourse. And you'll be sexually energetic and have an unchanged hymen.

Moreover, these “virginity checks” have been deemed painful, humiliating and traumatic by a number of United Nations companies, who've referred to as for a ban. The evaluate within the Reproductive Well being journal added these disgusting checks generally lead to “psychological trauma with long-lasting hostile results, together with but not restricted to nervousness, melancholy, lack of vanity, and suicidal ideation,” and concluded that “virginity testing is a type of gender discrimination, in addition to a violation of basic rights, and when carried out with out consent, a type of sexual assault”.

These checks have actually no manner of proving when you have had intercourse and will be deeply traumatic. Even Deliberate Parenthood have Tweeted: “virginity is a made-up social assemble.”

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Idk who wants to hear this but virginity is a made-up social assemble, and it has completely nothing to do along with your hymen.

— Deliberate Parenthood (@PPFA) November 6, 2019

The United Nations are in settlement: “The time period “virginity” is not a medical or scientific time period.  Somewhat, the idea of “virginity” is a social, cultural and spiritual assemble – one which displays gender discrimination towards ladies and women”. Virginity checks feed into the concept that when ladies have intercourse they lose one thing, and ladies ought to stay “virgins” till they’re married, each antiquated stereotypes which are deeply damaging for ladies worldwide.

T.I. ought to, frankly, be ashamed of himself. It’s horrendous that he’s placing his daughter by these invasive procedures for no purpose aside from to appease his worries that she’s sexually energetic – which might completely not be an enormous deal. He shouldn’t be shaming his daughter into making decisions about her private life, as a substitute he must be educating his kids on the significance of consensual, protected intercourse and not feeling pressured into doing something they don’t need to. His feedback are ghastly, old school and medically harmful.

Be protected, have enjoyable, don’t really feel pressured into making any choice and no matter you do don’t hear to T.I..

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