Tamilrockers and its Alternative Sites

Tamilrockers and its Alternative Sites

With the time, choice of movie lovers also keeps on changing, and they need to have such platforms where they can enjoy a movie of their choice. One can find a huge number of options on the internet in the form of sites from where he can download movies and also watch them in the form of live streaming. One of such grand options is Tamilrockers which has got a considerable viewer base in a short span due to simple to use frame and quality results.


It is a torrent website that is used to download movies. Tamilrockers offer various Bollywood, Hollywood, and movies in several other languages. Mostly Tamil movies are preferred by movie lovers on this platform. The movies are downloaded in HD format, and the best resolution is available in 1080p or 720p. Various features of Tamilrockers are as below:

  • The website offers a free download of movies to its users.
  • Various Hollywood, as well as Bollywood movies, are available on the site for download.
  • Movies in other languages like Hindi, English, Telugu, Tamil, Marathi, Punjabi, Kannada, etc. are available. Dubbed movies are also available on this site.
  • The movies can be downloaded in various formats like 480p, 720p, and 1080p. The user can even download HD and Blueray print easily from the site.
  • The best part is the users don’t have to create any type of account to download the movies. One can directly download movies in a few steps only.
  • This site provides the best quality movies, and one can also download web series, TV serials, cartoon movies, animated movies, and much more with the help of a few clicks, and that too completely free of cost.
  • If you are fond of listening to music, this can be the best place to get all your favorite songs. The site has a great collection of songs from old classics to newly released. The site provides the best audio format and quality for its users to enjoy.


There are various categories that prove very helpful for the user to choose from. This helps the users to find their choice of movies from the categories like HD Tamil mobile movies, newly released, Bollywood, Hollywood, Hindi dubbed, cartoon, animated, and more. The users can directly select the category and can find the movie of their choice. The choice of a category can help one get the desired movie in a short time and also know if the said movie is there on the platform or not.

The Alternative sites of Tamilrockers:

There are a few alternative sites of Tamilrockers which one can check to have the same movie-watching experience. In some sites, users have to sign up and get an account before downloading the movies while in other sites, there is no need to sign up, and one can directly download the movies as required. The various alternative sites are as follows:


This site is run as well as operated by entertainment company Novi Digital. It is known as the best movie downloading website and also offers live streaming. It is considered as the most trending and loved website among movie lovers as it provides the best service to its users. The site is safe and secure with over 8 million users. The user has to create an account before downloading the movies from this platform. It is a famous site that has got free, as well as premium versions, with different benefits. Obviously, the premium version subscriber can access more benefits compared to the free version user.

Amazon Prime Videos:

The site provides HD quality movies as well as series for download. The website is run and managed by Amazon, an American company. The service of the website is provided worldwide. The Hollywood as Bollywood movies released recently, various hit web series is also available for download on this site. One has to get an Amazon Prime subscription to watch the movies and web series on this site. This site provides a 30-days free subscription at the time of signing in or creating an account. It is a platform where one can find some of the best movies as well as web series.


This site is used as the best alternative of Tamilrockers as it is the oldest and also regarded as the safest. The site is popular among the users and viewers, and they consider it much secure for downloading. There are 148 million paid users of Netflix all over the world. The user, after subscription, can enjoy watching videos and movies further; they can also easily download them. One can watch their shows or movies directly on smart tv as well as on their smartphone. It gives an option of five logins on different devices at different places. Due to the ease of access and quality, this platform is much known to almost every viewer of TV and Movies.


This site is launched by Essel Group. It offers movies and also TV serials. The users can see their favorite serials and also download them to watch later. Movies in different languages such as Hindi, English, Telugu, Malayalam, Tamil, etc. are also available for download on this site. There are 150 million users of this website and hence, it is considered as the best alternative to Tamilrockers. Although its headquarters is at Mumbai, Maharashtra, its service is available in more than 190 countries around the world. It is known as one of the best options that can prove highly useful to the latest as well as retro movie lovers. The platform is easy to access, and hence a novice can also easily watch the movie as per his choice.

Mx Player:

It is a top-rated website owned by times group. It is an Indian mobile application and also provides media streaming services for users. The site offers the downloading facility and also offers live streaming of various videos. Globally the website is used by 500 million users and in India by 350 million users. The site is successfully being used as an alternative to Tamilrockers. One can select from different subscription plans according to his needs. Sometimes the site gives special discounts on long term subscriptions. Here one can find the programs in a limited range. However, those who want to avail of entertainment without spending a single penny can have grand experience of entertainment.


HDO has a wide variety and collection of all Hollywood movies. Hollywood movie lovers can access this site and download their favorite and latest Hollywood series, and videos. There are many web series that are not available on other websites, and one can easily watch them on HDO. After having a subscription of HDO, user can easily watch the movies or can download for watching them later in HD format. It is a platform known for its collection, user interface, and viewing quality of frames. One who loves to have movie viewing with quality cannot ignore this platform.


Popcornflix is a website owned by Screen Media Ventures. It is a movie downloading website and has a large number of users in the world. It has an extensive collection of movies and web series. After having a subscription to this website, users can get unlimited downloads of movies and videos. The collection of cartoon movies for children and other animated movies is also there. This website provides the best alternative for Tamilrockers. If one has a subscription to this site, he can easily get unlimited downloads and surf anything on this site. However, the free version of the same can also offer the desired experience of watching a movie or web series of one’s choice.


It is a live streaming website that has many users all around the world. Walt Disney Company is the owner of this site. There is a vast collection of movies and trending videos, mostly in English and Japanese. This site is used mainly in the United States and Japan, by over 30 million users. The site is considered as a good option against Tamilrockers. It has got some of the best features in terms of subtitles, sound, streaming, and collection.

Sony Liv:

It is the most used and famous website in the Indian market, providing service to its users. Sony Liv website is managed and run by Sony Pictures Network. The site is used in India and many other countries like Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia, and Bahrain for downloading and watching live streaming of videos. In addition to a wide variety of movies and web series, there are many TV serials available on this website. If there is a subscription to this website, the users can watch their favorite TV serials streaming live on the website or can watch later by downloading the same. Those who love to have entertainment round the clock, this option can be highly useful.


This website is managed by Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment and Sony Pictures. It is the best website used for downloading movies in 21 countries in different parts of the world. The user of this site can easily connect devices such as mobile phone, laptop, desktop, smart tv, gaming console, tablet, etc. for watching movies as well as web series. Crackle is the best alternative of Tamilrockers if the user wishes to download movies and watch live streaming videos. It is also a known platform for watching movies and other programs; however, the range of collection here is little limited compared to other platforms.


Without any subscription or payment, one can download movies from this site. As users always want that the download should be completed soon so that they can watch movies as soon as possible, this site can be of great help due to quick service. If due for any reason, one is not able to use the services of Tamilrockers, he can opt for Khatrimaza as the best alternative for quick service. The users can download movies in HD format from this site. Other than movies, users can also watch and download videos and web series.


Filmyzilla is a website known for its collection as well as quality. This torrent website has all the latest and trending Bollywood and Hollywood movies. It has movies as well as web series in different formats. While comparing with other torrent websites, this site provides more features for providing the best results. It is a great option for those who want to download movies on their mobile phones and also for live streaming.


This site provides a wide range of Punjabi movies as well as songs. It is one of the famous sites for people who prefer to watch Punjabi movies. It is the best alternative of Tamilrockers as one can download from different categories like Hollywood, Bollywood, Animation, cartoon movies, etc. This makes it easy for users to choose from such options as their favorite ones. With the option of live streaming, there is also a good collection of movies and songs to download.


It is one of the most liked and frequently used website for downloading movies by the users. It has a vast collection of movies, web series, videos, etc. for downloading. The user can download the movies in the best resolution so that they can enjoy their favorite movies. The user can search the movie they want to download and can select the appeared link for downloading.

These are some of the most known platforms in the world of live streaming and movie watching. One can choose any of them as per his preference and need. Some of these platforms are also entirely free of charge, while some of them offer services at a specific cost. In many cases, one does not need to have an account on the concerned platform also, which means it is easy to go and start watching the desired program or movie.


  • What is Tamilrockers?

Tamilrockers is a torrent site for downloading movies from Bollywood as well as Hollywood. The website is preferred by its users as it is free to download.

  • Why is it popular?

It is popular among its users because it provides complete HD format movies on a single click and that too free. It gives a great option to its users of movies, web series, and various videos for download. There is no compulsion to create an account before downloading.

  • Do Tamilrockers have alternatives?

Yes, Tamilrockers have alternative sites for downloading movies and web series for the user. In some sites, the user needs to create an account or should have paid subscription while some are free like Tamilrockers.

  • Can movies be downloaded in HD format too?

Yes, one can download movies in HD format as mostly the site provide the options to download in HD format. The movies can also be downloaded HD in 720p and 1080p resolutions. It helps the users to get a cinematic experience while watching their favorite movies.

  • Is the subscription necessary to download from sites?

There are many sites where subscription is necessary for the users to download the movies and web series. One can easily get the subscription in a few steps only. These websites offer various plans for subscription and also provide a discount on long term subscription.

  • What benefit can one get after subscription?

After the subscription, one can download unlimited movies and web-series, and that also in the best format available. One can even watch the favorite shows live on mobile on a few websites like Sony Liv and Zee5.

  • Do these sites work for the smartphone also?

Yes, the sites are compatible with mobile use too. The user can easily download their favorite movies on their mobile and can watch them anywhere later. It is an excellent option for those who like to travel much and want to carry favorite movies and shows.

  • Does the downloading link really work?

The sites provide the best downloading server to download movies with working links to make the services better and attract users. One can even offer valuable feedback for the link that is not working for the betterment of sites.

  • Can one preview the track before downloading it?

One can see the screenshots of the movies and web-series before downloading. There are many sites for downloading songs too. One can play songs and download them later. There are many formats in which the user can download their favorite music and movies.

  • Do these sites provide movies in different languages as well?

Many sites provide the option to download movies in different languages or dubbed movies. The users can download movies in their native languages as well. On some of these platforms, one can find options to change language also. However, the prime condition for the same is the movie or program must have a dubbed version available.

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