Tania Rincón suffers a strong blow in Guerreros 2020 while pregnant

The beautiful driver Tania Rincón recently released the news of her pregnancy, so it worried everyone after the knock who suffered in the Warriors 2020 competition program.

It was during yesterday's broadcast, Thursday, August 6, that Tania worried to all viewers.

The driver quickly turned viral in social networks for the reaction he had when he suffered the impact of the giant dice on his face.

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This happened at the end of a challenge when the participants rolled the dice to know how many points they would add to their team and Tania unfortunately interposed in its trajectory.

What most surprised everyone was his reactionWell, despite being pregnant, Tania took it with humor and continued her participation in the program since it was only the shock that she felt.

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As a result of the dynamic The program is quite fast, the contestants were not aware of the situation, so it was implied that the incident did not happen to adults.

This has not been the only mishap that has happened in the program, since the contestants have suffered several accidents during the competitions.

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Recently Macky González, captain of the "Las Cobras" team, suffered a panic attack while participating in a challenge, however things did not go to major.

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In addition, the same team, Daniela Fainus, who joined the team a few days ago, also suffered two strong injuries and made the decision to leave the program for a time until he is rehabilitated.

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And regarding Tania, now strong rumors They indicate that an alleged discussion that she and Magda Rodríguez had in recent days would cause her to run out of a project at the door at the Televisa company.

Will Tania stay outside of Televisa ending the program?


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