Tech Companies Restrict Employees from Communicating with Huawei

Some of the biggest tech firms have issued strong warnings to their employees restricting them from having communications with Huawei Technologies.

Insiders believe that this latest development is a response to the blacklisting of the phone maker by the Use government.

Companies that issued such directives include InterDigital Wireless Incorporated, a mobile research firm, Intel Corp and Qualcomm Incorporated, a chipmaker, and LG Uplus, a South Korean tech firm.

Although informal conversations are a regular thing among tech companies while having international meetings where the companies arrive at industry standards for their operations, Huawei is now cut off from such conversations.

It should be noted that while the US government has blacklisted Huawei and forbid US companies from selling technology products to them, the government didn’t forbid those companies from interacting with Huawei.

According to LG Uplus, the company is doing everything possible to ensure it only has a casual relationship with Huawei.

The company said that it is “voluntarily refraining from interacting with Huawei workers, other than meeting for network equipment installation or maintenance issues. ”

The restriction may have a negative impact on the proposed 5G that was intended to serve as the power the existing technologies, ranging from self-driving cars to other technologies.

However, it is believed that the current excommunication of Huawei by these companies may slow down the progress the tech companies have made towards realizing that goal.

A Washington-based lawyer has condemned the excommunication. The export control lawyer said: “There’s been a lot of misunderstanding from what I’m seeing and hearing from clients and colleagues, as far as what the (Commerce Department) restrictions actually entail.”

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