Niamey, AFP. Armed bombers attacked a military camp in the African country of Niger, killing 25 people while 63 militants were also killed in the encounter. This information was given on television by Defense Ministry spokesman Colonel Suleimani Gajobi. He said that the attack took place in a very sensitive area bordering Mali. The terrorists came on vehicles and motorcycles.

The news agency AFP quoted the Niger Ministry of Defense as saying that the attack took place in the Chinagodar region of western Tilaberi. This area is also bordering Burkina Faso Burkina Faso where many deadly terror attacks have been seen earlier. The Defense Ministry said in its statement that action was taken against the terrorists with the help of Niger Air Force and allies (US or France). The attack killed 25 Allied forces and injured six others. At the same time, 63 terrorists have been killed in the encounter.

North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un's condition critical after heart surgery "src ="

North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un's condition critical after heart surgery

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Just last month, 71 soldiers were killed and 57 were killed in a terrorist attack on an army camp in Niger. The IS was responsible for this attack. The attack took place at a camp near the border with Mali. Terrorist organizations like IS (Islamic State, IS) and Boko Haram are active in this area. It is worth mentioning that earlier this year, the Niger Army had taken major action against the rebels of Boko Haram and killed 280 terrorists.

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