“That’s why the film I wanted to make was canceled”

Now that the hype train has started with The Last of Us TV series on board, the game director of the two acclaimed videogames Neil Druckmann revealed some details about the film adaptation announced years ago but never made.

Druckmann recently appeared on the Script Apart podcast and talked about the adaptation of The Last of Us of 2014, which never became a reality. The game director explained that the reasons for the cancellation of the project they all reside in the insistent requests – coming from above – of add a lot of action to the story, which would have taken the style of the film away from the source material.

When I was working on the film version of The Last of Us, a lot of the reflections and notes that came to me were like, ‘How can we make it bigger? How can we make the scenes bigger and more exciting?‘”revealed Druckmann.”I didn’t think it would work for a story like The Last of Us, and I think in the end that’s the main reason why the film ultimately didn’t make it.“.

Now that the time has come to make the HBO series, the creative team has taken a very different approach: rather than an action-packed blockbuster, the series will feel more like an independent drama centered around the characters and their relationships during the scenes. According to Druckmann, this is one of the main reasons the show is moving forward. “Our approach to The Last of Us was: ‘Let’s do it as an indie movie’“Druckmann said of the series.”Let’s face it as an independent film team, the way it’s shot, the way it’s small and intimate. And with the series we can lean even more on these atmospheres because you don’t need to have as many action sequences as we have in the game.

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