that’s why they argued after the shooting of Poliziotti Fuori

Tonight on Mediaset 20 Poliziotti Fuori, the 2010 film directed by Kevin Smith, which saw the extraordinary participation of Bruce Willis, airs. The two have long wanted to collaborate together on a film project but apparently, after this, their relations have been irremediably compromised.

Cops Outside, despite all the publicity that was made to him, he was literally massacred by the critics and Kevin Smith after such an unsatisfactory result, he “took it” with what he was his idol until some time before. In fact, according to him, Bruce Willis didn’t listen to his directions on set in the slightest and did whatever he pleased under any circumstances.

“I have never worked on a film where an element does not contribute to the film and I don’t say that to blame it for the failure. I would lie down in traffic for Tracy Morgan, it was a dream to work with him and, if it wasn’t for him, during the shoot I would have killed myself or killed someone told the director of the experience on the set with Bruce Willis.

Kevin Smith then added: I will always look at my idols from afar, because now I don’t want to meet them in person anymore. How was I supposed to ask Bruce Willis to play Bruce Willis when he’s Bruce Willis? “

Who knows if we will see them working together again in the future. What do you think about it?

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