The 10 most memorable characters of Eugenio Derbéz and data that you surely do not know

We will name you the characters created by Eugenio Derbez that have most marked the history of Mexican comedy.

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Eugenio Derbez, a comedian, actor, writer and comedy producer, is perhaps the greatest exponent of the genre in our country, without a doubt, thanks to his incredible ingenuity and unlimited creativity he has given us many smiles, laughter and funny moments along the way. throughout our lives.

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That is why we decided to honor the famous comedian by making a top of his most iconic, emblematic and endearing characters.


1.- Armando Hoyos

The legendary philosopher who wonders about the world. Most of your questions are comical in nature. Most of your questions are misinterpretations of familiar words. His most distinctive phrase is to say "Shut up, shut up! Don't interrupt me!"


2.- Aaron Abasolo

He is a young man from a very poor family who says albures and always uses a street tone. His signature phrase is "Ask me, caon, ask me!" while moving your belly, surely you know him.


3.- The Devil

A mischievous devil, the main reason people make blunders. With a big red button, he made someone fall. It is the parody of humorous video shows.


5.- Ludovico P. Luche

One of its most famous and beloved characters is the apparent head of the household and the father of the family, of whom they take advantage of the daily expenses for the family. He is the typical man who believes that he can get away with it anywhere, but his clumsiness always gets him into unexpected trouble.


6.- The Super Goalkeeper

El Súper Portero: He is a soccer goalkeeper who, far from stopping goals from Pumas, stopped the scenes of soap operas, since the actors sometimes said words that were confused with everyday products. His distinctive phrase is "¡Cóoortale preocóooortale mi chavo! It is a parody of the television censors and in turn of the former Mexican goalkeeper Jorge Campos. He appeared again in the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.


7.- Julio Esteban

Sentimental counselor, who solves the problems of his clients; by way of verse. It is a parody of Walter Mercado, since he dresses and acts similar to this character.


8.- Pepe Roni

He is an Italian chef who always prepares a dish, but with objects instead of ingredients, it is characteristic to shout “Liíiiisto!” When a recipe is to be “eaten”.


9.- El Lonje Moco

Inspired by the mad monk, he always told stories, but sometimes he lost the sequence of the story and no longer remembered what he should say, a talking gargoyle that accompanied him, tried to guess what was next, without success, he usually says the phrase "Nobody knows, nobody knew" as well as "It was horrible, it was horrible", his emblematic movement was when saying his name he put a hand to his nose and "shot" a mucus, forming the logo of his sketch.

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10.- Donkey

A fictional fast-speaking donkey created by William Steig and adapted by DreamWorks Animation for the Shrek franchise, the character is voiced by Eddie Murphy, and his voice in Spanish is in charge of Eugenio, without forgetting that whenever the situation warranted, he improvised with some joke that occurred to him at the time.


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