The 8 most famous cats in film and television history

The cats They have been represented in many ways such as in cartoons, movies, series and television shows; some have gained great fame over the years, and if you want to know which cats have been most famous, keep reading.

The beautiful pets They are not only present in homes, but are also part of the cast of movies, cartoons, series and television shows.

And although they are less popular than dogs, cats have become won its place in our hearts.

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Don Gato and his gang

Don Gato is a cat Street map who led his gang; Cucho, Demosthenes, Bodoque, Benito, Panza and Espanto, living great adventures every day.



This was one of the first cats that appeared on screen and achieved worldwide fame.

The origins of Félix go back to the year 1919 and he is one of the most Famous of silent movies.

Its crazy adventures They were broadcast on television since 1953.


Puss in Boots

A cat dressed as musketeer and some nice boots, hat and sword.

He managed to become more popular after having appeared in the series of "Shrek"

He was born in Spain and get everything you want by making a sad face and opening your eyes very wide.



He is the best friend of Sabrina, the Teenage Witch, according to the series, it was a 500-year-old witch who was condemned to spend a decade as a feline of punishment for trying to conquer the world, advise him and do mischief.


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It first appeared in a cartoon In 1978 and four years later the adventures of this lasagna-loving cat began to be broadcast on television.

The story was also brought to movie theater, but in live action and together with the dog Oddie they star in dozens of pranks that make their owner angry.



The gray cat that always does everything to be able hunt to the mouse Jerry, of course without success.

Is one of the most Famous felines from television and history was created by Hannah-Barbera and shows how the cat thinks of hundreds of ways to catch the little rodent.


Hello Kitty

It is certainly one of the symbols of girls and some women too.

Hello Kitty is synonymous with sweetness and shyness; This famous kitten of Asian origin is present in all kinds of pink objects.



In each chapter we can hear the sentence "I thought I saw a cute kitten".

Silvestre tries to catch Tweety; of course the attempts were unsuccessful.


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