The advantages of choosing a Bitcoin Casino

Crypto casinos have been growing increasingly popular since the value of Bitcoin started rising in early 2014.

Since then, using Bitcoin or various other cryptocurrencies when depositing on casinos has become more common due to the many advantages they provide.

In this article, we will discuss some of the many advantages that bitcoin casinos provide, and why we believe you should use bitcoin when depositing to your preferred online casino!

Pros of Bitcoin Casinos

Bitcoin Casinos can be a significant advantage for those who seek more privacy in terms of their financial transactions.

Bitcoin casinos are also great for players who live in a country with too many legal obstructions related to online gambling.

Here are a few advantages of playing in a bitcoin casino:


For players who prefer to remain anonymous on the internet and on various gambling sites, one of the most significant benefits of bitcoin is that you can be exactly that: totally anonymous

Bitcoin casinos ensure that there is no breach of personal data or transaction details as well. This happens because there is no bank account or digital wallet linked with the casino.


Gambling with bitcoin is way more secure than traditional financial instruments and deposit methods.

Every bitcoin transaction is added to a public ledger which is both encrypted and anonymous. This makes Bitcoin the safest option for casino and gambling enthusiasts who are concerned for the security of their deposits.

No legal restrictions

Many countries still impose legal restrictions on gambling sites and players wanting to gamble online. Fortunately, Bitcoin and bitcoin casinos allow us to bypass such restrictions.

Because Bitcoin is not regulated by a central authority, you can deposit your bitcoin to a bitcoin casino without any bank or government having to approve your transaction.

Online betting and gambling are not legal in many countries and still have a long way to go. If you choose to play via a regular online casino, there is a chance that your bank might not support deposits because of the local gambling laws.

Bitcoin casinos entertain no government intervention what-so-ever. No government policy or rules and regulations impact the functioning of a bitcoin casino. This allows players to make deposits and withdrawals with peace of mind, and from anywhere in the world.

Low fees

Since there is no middleman involved when sending bitcoin transactions, the fees related to depositing on a bitcoin casino are low – almost nonexistent.

Most bitcoin casinos charge you zero to low transaction fees.

The only thing you’re gonna pay is the bitcoin fee, which as we know, is very modest.

This is cheap compared to the more conventional betting deposit options such as Skrill and Neteller, that charge a 1.2% fee when making deposits and a 4% fee when withdrawing money into your e-wallet.

So if you want the lowest transaction fees, definitely opt for Bitcoin deposits.

Quick payouts

If you’ve ever sent a bitcoin transaction, you know how fast it goes.

Depositing money to a bitcoin casino usually takes no more than a few seconds to be processed – and the same can be said for bitcoin withdrawals.

As soon as your withdrawal request has been accepted by the online casino, a person on the other end will begin the transaction, and the money will arrive in your wallet momentarily.


As you’ve learned, there are many benefits to using bitcoin when gambling online. In fact, there are very few drawbacks to mention, if any.

For this reason, we recommend that you opt for bitcoin the next time you want to deposit money to your favorite online casino.

If you’re not sure which online casinos accept Bitcoin, we recommend checking out MyCasino, where you can find a good selection of casinos that accept crypto.

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