The beautiful Ángela Aguilar boasts her micro waist on Instagram

Without a doubt, Ángela Aguilar is a very beautiful young woman as well as talented, despite the fact that she is only 16 years old. Pepe Aguilar She is quite a beauty, in one of her many photographs she appears showing off a tiny waist.

It is impressive to know that at 16 years of age she has managed to achieve so many successes, in addition to having the support of her family of course, it has been her talent that has helped her to be compared with great artists, it was even believed for a moment that Christian nodal I wanted her, the boyfriend of today Belinda.

Despite being very young Angela Aguilar She is a young woman who knows what she wants, and although she has the opportunity to have a partner, she does not want it, because her greatest dream is to grow even more in music, for the moment she is focused on her projects and does not think of anyone else.

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Antonio Aguilar was the singer and actor who began with the history of his dynasty, later his son Pepe Aguilar He continued inheriting his talent and in turn giving his children the necessary tools to excel in the world of entertainment and music, of course they also inherited his taste for music and the great talent of his father and grandfather.

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From the moment her career took off, Angela has not stopped, she continues to launch hit after hit, participating in festivals and standing out on social media.

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Although coming from a family of artists, it made things even easier for him, it is true that no one denies it, his talent has surpassed the fame of his family, in addition to his beauty, he has captivated his millions of followers on Instagram.

In her photograph, which she published approximately seven weeks ago, she appears in a kind of hallway, next to a pot with a beautiful plant, Angela is to one side wearing a white outfit wearing a round neck shirt and shorts or pants white is not well distinguished, the interesting thing about the snapshot is that it is collected so that its tiny waist can be appreciated.

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There have been several comments that her photo received as several Internet users were amazed to see her show off her figure.

Angela know how to take care of and ride horses would you marry me ?? "," How handsome ... Angela ", some comments the young woman received.

Recently the interpreter of "Forbidden Fruit" launched a new video on her YouTube channel where she plays a classic of Tex Mex music, reminded the inernauts of the late Selena Quintanilla when singing one of her greatest hits "As la flower ", adapting the melody to his own style and showing that he can interpret any song he wants.

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With a beautiful video in honor of the young singer whose life was taken 25 years ago when she was in the prime of her youth, Angela Aguilar She gave great honor when she performed Selena's song, with this she won even more the hearts of her followers and those who still continue to sing Quintanilla's songs.

Aguilar has had the opportunity to relive some successes by other artists, such as "Fruta prohibída", "Paloma Negra," "La Llorona", "I have no more left", among many others.

Between Ángela and her two brothers Leonardo and Majo they have a video interpreting the song "Lo Busqué" by Ana Bárbara, the video was shared five years ago and in it we can appreciate the talent that the three brothers have, however only Ángela and Leonardo are They dedicate today to music like their father and grandfather.

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