The book will reveal what José José lived in his last moments


Particularly very sad details that occurred in the life of the singer José José will be captured through the new work that the same "Prince of the Song" authorized before leaving, will be revealed by the pen of Patricia Romani.

The writer lived with the Mexican singer in his last moments and anticipates a very sad detail that few would imagine, according to Patricia Romani, she was able to realize that the interpreter of "Almohada no longer spoke.

After a year has passed since the Mexican idol's departure, a new book would reveal very strong details about his life in recent years, never-told experiences of the artist, which has already begun to awaken great curiosity for all his fans.

Patricia Romani herself comments on how she came to the artist's life to collaborate on this new project, which was requested and authorized by the highest Mexican performer.

The idea came up when he called me and asked to do an artistic collaboration from which this book resulted.

It was precisely those moments where the writer realized that the interpreter of "El Triste", "Volcán", "What was not will not be", etc. could no longer say a word since he would have lost his voice, which he noticed during the time that she went to visit him at his home in Miami, 45 days before his unfortunate departure.

I went to Miami, I was able to see him 45 days before his death and he no longer spoke anything, "he said, as stated in a recent publication by Tv Notes.

The friendship of the writer and the artist dates back to some years in 2007, so the artist came to feel great confidence in telling him about his life from another perspective, less scandalous and Patricia herself would be in charge of publishing her book "Esta it's my life ", however, some issues stopped him and they decided to make a new one.

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Patricia was very aware that in the last years in the artist's life, he already had a critical condition in his health, which culminated in his fateful departure on September 28, 2019.

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Also, although in-depth details about this publication are still unknown, it is known that it would be based on recordings collected over 10 years, as described by Tv and Novelas. Through them Patricia captures many memories of the artist.

I have more than 15 hours of recorded conversations. I met him on the program Singing for a Dream and we became close friends while he was filming the soap opera La fea más bella. There everything arose in collaboration with him, as the writer herself would reveal.

Romani reveals that there was a deeper approach between the two where he told her very private details of his life.

He told me: 'You know that there are always problems among women.' Given that, it allowed me to access many points. In an interview people break down, and he allowed me to encourage him in those moments. It is a mutual work well done ”.

At one point I told Pepe to register it and name this child, since it was something of both of us.

It was José José himself who reviewed each of the chapters of this new work, thus providing greater accuracy.

He reviewed what I was writing and the poems I was doing, and what he did not like was changed, ”says Patricia.

Family members in disagreement

On the other hand, he has stated that the Sosa Noreña family has shown their rejection with this new work and would even have filed a lawsuit, it transpired last week, however, Patricia reiterates the type of work she did with her friend, the singer.

It was registered as a journalistic matter, he did not care that it was a book as such. There is much behind this matter, and it is an artistic collaboration because I put poems ”,

At the moment Romani is waiting to sign with a publisher and claims to have all the papers in order. "The rights belong to me because José José so decided."

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He even reveals something shocking about his departure since according to the writer, the singer was not thinking of leaving so soon

He never thought of leaving, he did not think of the moment he received the call, he did not confide in me about a person who thought that he might soon lose his life.

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