The Chinese regime declared that it will "never tolerate" a secession from Taiwan


China "will never tolerate" the secession of Taiwan, a Chinese government official told the state agency. Xinhua, in response to statements by Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen, who belongs to an independence party and is criticized by communist authorities.

"We have an unwavering determination, total confidence and all the capabilities to defend national sovereignty and territorial integrity."Taiwan Affairs Office spokesman Ma Xiaoguang warned, according to statements released by the Xinhua News Agency (New China).

Beijing "will never tolerate separatist activities," the spokesman said.

This Wednesday, in the investiture speech of his second presidential term, Tsai said China must find a way to "coexist" with a democratic Taiwan that will not accept domination by communist authorities..

"We will not accept that the authorities in Beijing use (the principle of) 'one country, two systems' to degrade Taiwan and undermine the status quo of the Strait (of Formosa)," said Tsai, who opted for a relationship governed by "peace , equality, democracy and dialogue ”.

Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen. EFE / EPA / TAIWAN PRESIDENTIAL OFFICE

Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen. EFE / EPA / TAIWAN PRESIDENTIAL OFFICE

“Relations in the Strait have reached a historical turning point. Both sides have an obligation to find a way to coexist in the long term and prevent the intensification of antagonism and differences, "said the president, a supporter of Taiwanese independence.

Tsai was forcefully re-elected in January, despite Beijing's efforts to isolate Taiwan and undermine its economy since the leader came to power in 2016.

Beijing defends the idea of ​​"one country, two systems" for Taiwan, as it does with Hong Kong. Thus, the island would retain its freedoms but would be under the control of Beijing. Tsai flatly rejected this system during his speech on Wednesday.

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Taiwan, which has its own currency, flag, army, diplomacy and government, has in fact been politically separated from China for 70 years. But only a handful of fewer and fewer countries recognize the island as an independent country.

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