The director of Joker speaks again about the uncertain end of the film


Image of director Todd Phillips and actor Joaquin Phoenix on the set of Joker (2019)

In the latest statements about "Joker", director Todd Phillips, has made reference to that ambiguity that is in the whole movie and that makes us doubt, in the end, if what we have seen is real or is only a hallucination of Arthur Fleck.

Now, Phillips has returned to hover that idea remembering that one of the characteristics of the character is that he does not have a fixed past, and that when asked about that he never gives a clear answer, stating that he prefers to have multiple pasts (as he said in "The killer joke"). Phillips was looking for that:

It was a bit of the plan ‘Hey, has this happened? and that?'. It's really fun when you make a movie with a narrator that you can't trust, and there's no more uncertain narrator than Joker. It is a two by one. That leads to people's reaction and I like to think that they don't really know what has happened. There are certain things that, if you see it for the second time, you will notice as in the white room at the end that, in a way, recovers the principle and you stay ‘Oh wait, that's interesting’. It is one of those movies.

On the other hand, director of photography Lawrence Sher It has come out in defense of a certain video that caused some stir and was shown during the visit of Joaquin Phoenix to the Jimmy Kimmel program. In that fragment, the actor was seen venting with Sher, something for which Phoenix apologized at the time. Now, Sher himself has come out to say that everything it has been a misunderstanding and it was a joke They prepared to play it with Phillips and make them see that they were fighting.

He was prepared. Joaquin is really someone very funny and relaxed. He's such a good actor that nobody caught him on set. He interpreted it wonderfully.

We close, as a curiosity, with the message that actor Zachary Levi, protagonist of "Shazam!", has posted on his instagram after watching the movie in which he recommends this 'great movie' to those who seek ‘Excellent realistic and dark cinema’.

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