The freedom of unattended minors in Florida is being fought for

Immigrant advocates take the case to court

The Whitehouse under Donald Trump has made some of the most inhumane decisions when it comes to the immigrants that try to enter America, sparing not even the children who accompany these immigrants.

Trump’s presidency has proceeded to detain the abandoned minors for ostensibly unlimited times in military-style facilities that are unlicensed and violate the decades-old legal settlement governing the treatment of immigrant children, according to court documents filed Friday in California.

The attorney-at-law at the Center for Human Rights and Constitutional Law and other institutions filed a motion in the federal courts of Los Angeles after these accusations were made.

They have claimed that the Department of Health and Human Services’ Office of Refugee Resettlement has confined as many as 2350 of such abandoned minors in a protected facility in Homestead, Florida.

The attorneys have also claimed that the government seems not transferring these minors to a transferred facility or release them to a group of select adult sponsors as is required by law.

The deal that was reached in 1997 that has come to be known as Flores which state that abandoned minors can be restrained for not more than 20 days.

At the beginning of the year, the HHS reported that the average length of detention at Homestead was 67 days, and sometimes even longer. These so-called facilities are “secured” which means that the minors do not have the freedom to leave.

The Flores settlement also disallows the government to place the minors in such facilities, it very clearly mentions the requirement that states that these minors must be placed in a non-secure facility.

The attorneys are fighting the Whitehouse on these grounds, and hope to free these minors at the earliest.

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