The graph showing why South America is the new epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic

South America became the new epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic. In recent weeks, positive cases of Covid-19 have exploded in the region, and countries such as Chile, Peru, Brazil, Bolivia, Colombia and Argentina are an example of this. Ecuador can also be taken among those on the rise (see separate table below), while the case of Venezuela, whose official data is scarce, must always be set aside.

Chile reached the first place of positive cases per million inhabitants. Taking as reference the graph prepared by Our World in Data, the country ruled by Sebastián Piñera already surpasses the United States, Italy and Spain, among others, with 166.76 cases per million people.

Following that parameter, Peru ranks second in the region, with 122.03 cases; and Brazil third, with 72.03. Only after these three South American countries appears United States, with 66.8 cases per million people. The United Kingdom it follows with 37.37, with a clear downward trend.

The other South American countries that continue with the upward curve are Ecuador, a particular topic that is detailed in a separate table below, Bolivia, with 22.21 cases per million people; Colombia, with 13.09; and Argentina, with 13.5. Down, they remain Spain, also with 13.5; and Italy, with 11.6.

What these data show is that South America is going through the peak of the pandemic, something that Spain, Italy and the United Kingdom have already gone through, among others.

A separate paragraph deserves the situation of Ecuador, a country whose data that has been provided by its authorities is highly irregular, but which is undoubtedly one of the most affected by the coronavirus in South America. According to a balance established at 12:00 GMT on Tuesday, the country registers 37,355 confirmed cases and 3,203 deaths.

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At this time, Ecuador has 35.37 cases per million inhabitants but its curve is very irregular due to what was previously indicated.

A man and a boy adjusting their masks in a poor neighborhood in Manaus, Brazil, amid the coronavirus pandemic (REUTERS / Bruno Kelly)
A man and a boy adjusting their masks in a poor neighborhood in Manaus, Brazil, amid the coronavirus pandemic (REUTERS / Bruno Kelly)

The case of Brazil

The South American giant confirmed 807 new deaths from coronavirus in the last 24 hours, with which the total of deceased reaches 23,473, while the cases now amount to 374,898, as reported by the Ministry of Health in its most recent report.

In the same period, the country added 11,687 new infections, so it remained as the second in the world with more cases, behind only the United States, which has some 1.6 million confirmed cases of COVID-19.

The southeast region of Brazil, the most populous, remains the epicenter of the pandemic in the country, with 140,250 cases and 11,020 deaths, of which the state of São Paulo, where some 46 million people live, concentrates almost 85,000 of the total infected and 6,220 deceased.

It is followed by Rio de Janeiro, with some 40,000 cases and more than 4,000 deaths, which did not prevent several cities in Rio de Janeiro from starting a gradual reopening of their activities in recent days.

The coronavirus pandemic also seems to be accelerating in the impoverished Brazilian Northeast, an area made up of 9 of the country's 27 states and which now totals around 130,000 cases, with more than 7,000 deaths.

In that region, the most critical situation is in the states of Ceará, with 2,493 deceased and where some cities such as the capital Fortaleza are under absolute confinement, and Pernambuco, which has 2,248 deaths.

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The scenario of Maranhao, which has 784 deaths and more than 22,000 cases of coronavirus and where the regional government announced a process "gradually and safely"Release of economic activities in the state as of this Monday, after three weeks of the so-called" lockdown ".

Already in the north of the country, the Amazon For, which has also just emerged from mass confinement, tops the list of states with the most deaths (2,372), while neighboring Amazonas, whose funeral system begins to recover after the collapse a few weeks ago, records 1,781 deaths.


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