The hard cover of O Dia, with Jair Bolsonaro as the face of deaths from coronavirus in Brazil

Jair Bolsonaro (Reuters)
Jair Bolsonaro (Reuters)

"Where will this end?"He asks himself Brazilian newspaper O Day on its cover this Monday, with a striking design that points to Jair Bolsonaro as responsible for the strong impact of the pandemic on the South American giant, the new global epicenter of infections and deaths from COVID-19.

The newspaper, founded in 1951 based in Rio de Janeiro, highlighted the country's figures, which continue to rise. "22,666 Brazilians died from Covid-19. Brazil is close to 400,000 patients ”, they highlighted.

The images of mass graves that have impacted the world in various countries were also repeated in Brazil, where the country's largest cemeteries were preparing for increased burials and their workers were digging relentlessly. With that shocking image, the newspaper used the idea to shape the face of the president., noted for belittling the pandemic and prioritizing economic activity over health prevention measures.

Regarding the title question, he stated: "A study points to a bleak future, with one million infected and 80,000 dead in the country as of June 21. On the contrary, there is no concrete action by the federal government against this"

For his part, the president took to the streets on Sunday to participate in a rally with his followers, without wearing a mask and breaking social distancing measures. The president arrived at the rally outside the presidential palace in Brasilia with a white face mask, but very soon he took it off to greet the crowd, shake hands, and hug his supporters. At one point he even carried a small boy on his shoulders.

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Bolsonaro has compared the virus to a "flu" and argues that staying-at-home measures are unnecessarily damaging to the economy. He smiled as his supporters shouted at him, "Legend!" and "The people support you, Bolsonaro!"

Bolsonaro merged with the crowd in Brasilia (Reuters)
Bolsonaro merged with the crowd in Brasilia (Reuters)

Although Bolsonaro has a solid base that supports him - about 30% of voters, according to polls - he faces a large number of critics for his handling of the coronavirus crisis, and for an explosive investigation that seeks to clarify whether it obstructed justice by trying to protect his family from police inquiries.

The investigation took a surprising turn on Friday when Celso Mello, the Supreme Court judge who ordered it, released a video of an April 22 cabinet meeting that investigators have been analyzing for evidence.

In the video, Bolsonaro and his ministers insult state governors, talk about jailing Supreme Court justices, and barely mention the coronavirus pandemic at a time when it was turning into a snowball in Brazil.

Sometimes identified as a "tropical Trump," Bolsonaro has frequently broken the rules of social estrangement. During the pandemic, the Brazilian president has increased controversy by attending rallies, eating out, organizing roasts and attending the shooting range.

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