The heartbreaking confession of a Copa Libertadores champion: "I sold my medal and bought cocaine

Flávio Donizete with some of his colleagues from San Pablo (Instagram)
Flávio Donizete with some of his colleagues from San Pablo (Instagram)

In December 2005, Flávio Donizete integrated the staff of the Saint Paul who won the Copa Libertadores and the final to Liverpool of the Club World Cup. In that team there were players of the stature of Diego Lugano, Rogerio Ceni, Cicinho and Danilo, among other figures whose careers continued to be surrounded by glory, unlike his own that fell apart four years later.

In 2009, after being loaned out to clubs like the Los Angeles Galaxy of the MLS, he ended his contract with the Brazilian team and at 25 he knew drugs. As told this weekend to the site Gwolfsport, he had saved a lot of money, he already had his own car, he had renovated his mother's house and he decided then to enjoy some months of freedom away from training. "It was then that I became addicted to cocaine."

According to the footballer, the first year he knew this drug its consumption was moderate, but over time he took it: “I started to lose everything I had. The money saved was used to buy drugs every day. He took cocaine morning, noon, and night. And I started to lose the money I had in my account, the things I had ... ".

Flávio Donizete holding the 2005 Club World Cup trophy (Instagram)
Flávio Donizete holding the 2005 Club World Cup trophy (Instagram)

The friends he had met in the nightclub scene moved away and only his wife, daughters and mother stayed with him, something that to this day surprises him because he recognizes that his attitudes deserved abandonment. “My brother had a big piggy bank and he started saving money because he wanted to change his car, he started saving only 100 reais bills. When everyone went to sleep, I went there and every day I took out a ticket with the tweezers and in the morning I woke up and went to buy drugs. He would come home at about six, seven at night because the money was gone and sometimes he didn't even sleep because he was absorbed in drugs. And he stole again. When my brother opened it, the piggy bank no longer had any money ”.

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At that time, not only was his savings account at zero, but several of his relatives distrusted him, and he had also sold personal items to get some cash: “I even sold a San Pablo shirt of mine and the champion medal. I didn't sell the car, I lost it because I couldn't afford it. It was financed and the money that he had to allocate to pay the car installments went into cocaine. ”

Regarding the Club World Cup champion medal, he said that it was his cousin who got a possible buyer. Thus, he agreed to receive 3,000 reais for the medal, although he later learned that his relative had sold it for 7,000 reais, so he had been scammed. "When I sold it, the money came and I spent most of the day consuming cocaine. In the first blow, it was 1,000 reais of cocaine. And I consumed it in two days. I suffered an attack, something in the heart ... The addiction felt stronger, stronger. The more money I had, the more I wanted (drugs). ”

San Pablo beat Liverpool 1-0 with a goal by Mineiro (Shutterstock)
San Pablo beat Liverpool 1-0 with a goal by Mineiro (Shutterstock)

Finally, after 10 years of addiction that led him to lose everything, his wife convinced him to go to a clinic to recover from his illness. Donizete made the decision after she proposed the definitive separation to him and then she understood that the best thing was to initiate a healthy recovery that still lasts.

After working as a bricklayer, he currently works as a gardener, since although he returned to play soccer in the city of Rio Branco, he did it as an amateur. While living with her partner and three daughters in an apartment they rent, she lectures with some NGOs to tell the world about the serious consequences of trying cocaine. “Today I work and it is not little. I work with joy, today what you call me to do, as long as it is not to use drugs, I do it ”.

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