The John Lennon case, 40 years after the attack, theories continue

On December 8, 1980 the world felt a great loss, a member of "The Beatles" was fatally attacked, John Lennon died at the age of 40 at the hands of Mark David Chapman, a fanatic who shot him five times in the back upon the arrival of his apartment in New York.

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Hours before the terrible event, Lennon had signed to his as3s1n0 a copy of Double Fantasy, the last album in which the singer who unfortunately lost on the way to Roosevelt Hospital accompanied by Yoko Ono could participate.

Lennon gave what would be his last interview to San Francisco DJ Dave Sholin for a music show on the RKO Radio Network. Later, Lennon and Ono left their apartment to mix the track “Walking on Thin Ice” together, with Lennon on the main guitar, at Record Plant Studio.

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As Lennon and Ono walked to their limo, they were surrounded by several people looking for autographs; among these, Chapman, a 25-year-old hospital employee from Honolulu, Hawaii. Silently, he handed Lennon a copy of Double Fantasy, and the musician signed it. After doing so, Lennon politely asked, "Is that all you want?" and Chapman nodded. Photographer Paul Goresh snapped a photo of the encounter.

Upon returning home, the doorman of the Dakota building, José Sanjenís Perdomo, and a taxi driver, saw Chapman standing in the shadow of the arch. Ono walked in front of Lennon towards the reception, as he passed, Chapman shot five hollow point bullets with a revolver, so that he had a quick death and that he did not suffer so much.

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One shot missed, passing over Lennon's head and hitting a window in the building, however, two shots hit the left side of his back and two more penetrated his left shoulder, the four bullets inflicted serious injuries, with at least one of them piercing his aorta.

Lennon climbed five steps to the security area, said "I was shot" and collapsed. The concierge covered the musician with his uniform, and took off his glasses; then he called the police. Upon arrival, officers found Chapman sitting very calmly on the sidewalk, reporting that Chapman had dropped the revolver to the ground and was holding a paperback book.

Officers took Lennon to the hospital in the back seat of the patrol, where he was knocked unconscious, on arrival at the hospital he had no pulse and was not breathing, the doctors worked for 20 minutes, opening Lennon's chest and trying to do a manual heart massage. to restore circulation, but the damage to the blood vessels around the heart was immeasurable. John Lennon declared himself dead at 11:15 p.m.

Chapman was sentenced to life in prison after pleading guilty to second-degree murder, but with the possibility of requesting parole when he served a 20-year sentence, something he has requested 10 times since then, however, each time he gets a denial.

It is worth mentioning that Chapman's wife stated that her partner told her about the plans to kill him two months before committing the crime, but that his first attempt did not go as expected.

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There are also theories that affirm that Yoko Ono herself was involved in planning the sinister act, because it seems strange to fans that they only attacked Lennon, since they were always together and nothing happened to her. However, none of this has been proven.

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