The Key to Saving the Earth is Colonizing the Moon, says Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos, Amazon CEO, has explained the motive behind setting up his new company, Blue Origin. He established the company to simplify moon travel.

He wants to make remove the challenges of moon travel and make it pretty easy like when taking an airplane flight.

The successful investor and world’s richest man believes the survival of humanity depends to a great extent on colonizing space with the moon as the starting point.

He claimed that colonizing the moon is an integral part of his plans to keep humanity save. He hopes to achieve this feat by building the infrastructure humanity needs to colonize space.

According to the successful investor, “The reason we’ve got to go to space, in my view, is to save the Earth. If we’re going to continue to grow this civilization, we need to move. ”

He disclosed this during an interview with the director of Amazon forecasting and capacity planning, Jenny Freshwater.

He has shed light on his decision to choose the moon as the starting point. He believes the moon is not too far away from the Earth, has ice to substitute for water, and can access solar energy. These factors influenced his choice of starting his colonization from the moon.

Bezos made the first move towards the actualization of his dream last month when he unveiled Blue Moon, his lunar-lander vehicle.

He designed the vehicle for delivering payloads to the moon. This is to make the moon habitable for human.


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