The Kissing Booth 4 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

The Kissing Booth, a 2018 American adolescent romance comedy movie written and directed by Vince Marcello, is based on Beth Reekles’ 2012 book of the same name.

Joel Courtney, Joey King, and Jacob Elordi all appear in the movie. Elle (King) is a quirky, tardy-blooming teenager whose relationship with Noah (Elordi), a handsome high school senior, puts her close friendship with Lee (Courtney), Noah’s younger brother, in danger.

On May 11, 2018, The Kissing Booth had its Netflix debut. Due to its huge viewing, the streaming service hailed it as a box office hit. The narrative and ideas of the movie drew criticism from reviewers who believed they were cliché.

Tomorrow marks the release of the third and final installment in the The Kissing Booth series on Netflix.

The follow-up will follow Elle, Lee, & Noah as they makes the most of the final summer before starting college.

Elle, portrayed by Joey King of The Act, must choose between going to Berkeley with Lee (Joel Courtney) and going to Harvard with Noah (Jacob Elordi).

In 2018, the adolescent rom-com’s first movie made its Netflix premiere and was an immediate smash. Two years later, the actors and crew returned to create the eagerly awaited sequel.

The Kissing Booth 4 Release Date:

On Wednesday, August 11 at 12 a.m. PT and 3 a.m. ET in the US, which translates to 8 a.m. in the UK and the appropriate time in whatever region you’re viewing in, The Kissing Booth 4 will be made available on Netflix internationally.

It lasts little over 110 minutes, so if you want to stay up late in the US, prepare some munchies or be sure to set the alarm for the UK.

The Kissing Booth 4 Trailer Release:

On July 6, Netflix unveiled the The Kissing Booth 3 teaser, which provided further details about Elle’s action-packed summer before college.

The Kissing Booth 4 Cast:

  • Joey King as Elle Evans
  • Joel Courtney as Lee Flynn
  • Jacob Elordi as Noah Flynn
  • Taylor Zakhar Perez as Marco Valentin Pea
  • Maisie Richardson-Sellers as Chloe Winthrop
  • Meganne Young as Rachel
  • Molly Ringwald as Mrs. Flynn
  • Stephen Jennings as Mike Evans
  • Chloe Williams as Joni Evans
  • Morné Visser as Mr. Flynn
  • Bianca Bosch as Olivia
  • Zandile Madliwa as Gwyneth
  • Camilla Wolfson as Mia
  • Carson White as Brad Evans
  • Judd Krok as Ollie
  • Frances Sholto-Douglas as Vivian
  • Evan Hengst as Miles
  • Sanda Shandu as Randy
  • Hilton Pelser as Barry
  • Trent Rowe as Melvin
  • Michelle Allen as Heather
  • Joshua Eddy as Tuppen
  • Nathan Lynn as Cameron
  • Byron Langley as Warren
  • Cameron Scott as Ashton
  • Bianca Amato as Linda
  • Daneel Van Der Walt as May

The Kissing Booth 4 storyline:

Even though Noah is already searching for an off-campus home for them, Elle hasn’t chosen whether to attend Berkeley or Harvard after a post-graduation road trip.

Elle, Noah, Lee, and Lee’s girlfriend, Rachel, spend the summer helping the parents of Noah and Lee prepare to sell the seaside home where they all spent their formative years.

While Elle is suddenly faced with a Berkeley deadline, Lee reveals to Rachel his plans for them to visit each other over the holidays while attending colleges across the country from one another.

Lee is disappointed that Elle chose to attend Harvard with Noah, so she makes a commitment for making it up to him by doing everything on their beach bucket list this summer.

Chloe, Noah’s buddy, shows up to the beach home, and Marco, whom Elle previously feared Noah had been having an affair with, finds employment nearby.

When Noah and Marco argue at the water park, Noah accuses Elle of being naive for failing to recognize that Marco still has emotions for her.

When Elle finds it difficult to split her time between Lee and Noah, tensions rise. Elle worries that Linda, her dad’s new girlfriend and a friend of her late mother, will take Elle’s place and finds it difficult to accept her.

Chloe, who is adjusting to her parents’ divorce, encourages Noah to speak to Elle, and Noah reconciles with Elle.

When Marco shows up at the Fourth of July celebration, he gets into another argument with Noah and punches him, but Noah doesn’t respond. Elle rejects Marco despite his confessing to her that he still has emotions for her.

Elle quarrels with her father that evening over Linda, claiming he is merely seeing her for his own ego. He retorts fiercely, saying that she is not the only one who deserves to be loved, and lists the sacrifices he has made for her and her brother Brad.

Elle rushes to see Noah at their location, unaware that he has seen her Berkeley admission letter. Noah breaks up his relationship with her because he fears she will regret attending Harvard only for him.

Elle is devastated when she is unable to play Dance Dance Revolution with Lee as planned. In an argument, she tells Lee that she’s growing up and that all of her decisions this summer have been made with the intention of making everyone happy, while Lee counters that he has never mattered to her in comparison to Noah.

Elle’s mother is advised to start considering her career goals and select a college accordingly by Noah and Lee’s mother.

Rachel overhears Chloe and Elle talking about Noah as they bid each other farewell. Rachel splits up with Lee even though she thinks they would one day get back together after seeing the problems Elle and Noah’s marriage faced.

Elle finally comes to terms with Linda and embraces her, making peace with her father while also acknowledging how content her brother feels with her.

She accepts Marco’s apology, and they part ways peacefully before she reconciles with Lee. She has come to the realization that since she has spent so much time preserving her relationships with Lee and Noah, she has not figured out what truly makes her happy.

Elle submits an application to study game design at the University of Southern California. She makes Noah and Lee’s mother reconsider selling the seaside home.

After six years, Elle is creating her own video game. She still keeps in touch with Lee, going back to the carnival’s fated kissing booth.

After graduating from college, Lee and Rachel also reconciled and were engaged. Later, when Elle meets Noah for the first time (supposedly) after their separation, he tells her that he has had employment offers from legal firms in LA or New York.

When Noah returns to town, Elle suggests going for a motorcycle ride, and Noah accepts. Before parting ways, they exchanged one last glance.

While riding their motorcycles along California’s coast, Elle and Noah are having fun and laughing.

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