The Mandalorian: How Carl Weathers' Star Wars Directorial Debut Brilliantly Evokes A New Hope

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Here are the big scenes in which Weathers paid tribute to A New Hope in “The Siege.”

Cara Dune Takes Down the Aqualish

As many scenes in The Mandalorian do, the introduction to Cara Dune in the episode shares some traits with the famous Mos Eisley cantina. The aliens Cara defeats are Aqualish, the same species as Ponda Baba, one of the two criminals who menaced Luke Skywalker in the cantina in A New Hope. Their wide eyes and fleshy mouths nod at the traditional “gray” aliens associated with UFO sightings. The dingy setting has that Original Trilogy Outer Rim look, too.

Weathers’ opening fight scene goes its own way after establishing the easter eggs and references, though. Cara is a different kind of fighter than Obi-Wan, and the result is far more chaotic and violent hand-to-hand struggle than the Jedi Master’s quick flick of the wrist with his lightsaber. It’s a very exciting way to open the episode.

Imperial Hallways and Tractor Beam

The Imperial science facility Mando, Cara, Greef, and the unlucky Mythrol infiltrate is a nod to classic Imperial architecture, evoking the very first enemy base fans ever saw: the Death Star. The sneaking sequences aren’t exactly the same (since The Mandalorian‘s main trio mostly prefer blasting their way through stormtroopers) but watching them explore those angular hallways reminds us of Luke, Han, and Obi-Wan’s rescue mission in the classic adventure. At one point, Mando’s group stops and waits for stormtroopers to pass, just like Obi-Wan does as he looks for the tractor beam controls.

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The key part of Mando, Greef, and Cara’s plan also mirrors the tense scene in which Obi-Wan lowers the tractor beam in A New Hope, as the the Mythrol inches around, slowly shuffling across a railless catwalk, to the overload panel to destroy the base. Both times, the camera focuses in on the graphics of the panel to provide some extra sci-fi detail, including the Aurebesh lettering.

Trench Run and Death Star Escape

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