The millionaire "twin" of Luis Miguel that nobody knows


The existence of what seems to be one more member of the singer Luis Miguel's family was recently announced, "Andres Rey"who has become very relevant in recent months due to the great resemblance to the" Sun ", and the great fortune he has, they point out, could even be greater than that of the artist himself.

He lives a life completely away from the media, so much that little or nothing was known about his existence, however, they assure that he is like the "twin" brother of the so-called "Sol de México" due to the great physical resemblance they both share.

Another characteristic that resembles the most famous member of the clan of the heirs of Luis Rey is that Andrés lives a millionaire life and even up to this point perhaps he is already more so than his own famous brother.

When revealing his identity, users noticed the great physical resemblance to the singer since according to what they look like "two drops of water" refer to some comments.

It is worth mentioning that the family of Luis Miguel They have followed very different paths and the only one that the famous frequently coexists with is with his brother Alejandro Basteri, since the younger brother Sergio, although he also lives away from the media, has always been known about his existence, even more so after revealing the bioseries of the artist.

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It is very likely that Luis Miguel does not keep any link with Andrés beyond the relationship that the media themselves have intertwined.

For his part, the artist's double who goes by the name of Andrés Urrustarazu, who has been known as "Andres Rey", was born on August 12, 1971 in Lomas de Zamora, Argentina, he is one of those who would have officially replaced the Mexican artist in some of his presentations.

It was in the 90s when he made his debut thanks to Luisito Rey, they both met at the Hotel Dos Reyes in Mar de Plata, that is how the story of the artist Luis Miguel's double began, a story known to very few fans of the interpreter of "La unconditional".

According to recent photographs that "Andrés Rey" himself would have shared, they allowed to know more in depth details about his life, it was for which users could appreciate the eccentric life he leads.

In some of them, the singer's "twin brother" can be seen traveling in a private jet, in limousines, and attending events of very important figures in society, staying at resorts and wearing exclusive brands. In total, several privileges that the artist Luis Miguel is used to enjoying, particularly in his most opulent stage.

Through some Instagram pages you can find out some details of the life of Luis Miguel's double, however, a video shared on YouTube reveals in the voice of the actor himself how his experience of imitating the "Sun of Mexico" has been.

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Through this video shared by the channel El Trece you can see the undeniable physical resemblance to the artist, which was what led him to become his double.

The character is younger than the Mexican interpreter, however, both share surprisingly similar features, his height is 1.83 cm, about 5 cm more than the artist himself, however, his eyes, the way to fix his hair, his features could easily be mistaken for "Luismi".

For seven months he has not played the famous singer of Puerto Rican origin naturalized in Mexico, this due to the pandemic that has prevented some presentations, however, he has resorted to personalized videos in Zoom and various technological tools from which in this difficult context the entertainment industry have made their main ally.

According to what was revealed, it would be from a farm of his property that "Andrés Rey" passes the confinement with his family while he can resume the presentations again.

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Apparently, only on "four occasions has he been able to see the interpreter, he pointed out who he even defines as someone sensitive, honest and shy." Such statements would have been collected for the Clarín, despite the fact that, according to what has been known, he is known as a musician with an "arrogant" character in his many presentations.

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