The most beautiful, Celia Lora poses from the sofa in a pink dress


Mexican model and host, Celia Lora, doesn't need to do much to quickly become the center of attention on social media, all thanks to her great beauty and persistence in posting content.

This time she modeled a pink dress from the sofa in your home, with which she looked the most beautiful and for which she was very well received by her loyal followers, who consider that she is truly one of their favorites on the internet and support her by giving her their likes.

It should be remembered that his fans also wanted to tell him about everything, however, the daughter of Alex Lora del Tri He continues to keep the comment box closed to avoid any negative situation, because as we know he receives very risque messages and wants to avoid having his profile full of these words that seem quite unpleasant.

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The photo managed to gather more than 100 thousand likes in a few hours and of course everyone who enjoys seeing it loved it, since her dress has a great neckline and is so tight that it traced and left her great charms in view, those who have the most of their admirers in love.


Through her stories something a little different happens, because there Celia Lora has concentrated on helping small businesses and companies that contact her to give them products in fact, the dress she is wearing is a possible gift from a brand since she labeled it in your photograph.

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Another clear example of her help is with a bakery that continually gives her gifts and therefore shares it a lot. It is seen that her products are very tasty and that Celia enjoys them to the fullest, she even recommends them to us constantly and with great joy.

Also share a photo in which he appears with a boy in which they appear wearing a couple of hats that they received from another company, which customizes them and sends totally to your liking a gift that would be quite creative and fun to make.

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The young woman has been quite successful both in social events and in her programs, which she performs with MTV television to bring us videos of great production and quality, where thanks to her charisma and personality she manages to make some very funny and pleasant moments in which He also answers questions and comments on his experiences.

This is the case of “El Consultorio del amor con Celia Lora”, a very funny show in which she appears answering and commenting on some situations that are normally for adults, so they become both fun and spicy, something that for her is usual and everyday because the young woman is really considered very intrepid on these issues and very liberal.

It is important to remember that since the series in which she did many crazy things appeared on Acapulco Shore on MTV and we can see her as the boss of the members of When it began.It is incredible attention that counts and that has not stopped has even grown more and more because The girl has many followers on social networks who are aware of everything that goes up to support her.

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There is no doubt that Celia Lora will continue to give us something to talk about, so we recommend that you keep an eye on them so as not to miss any details about her.

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