The Nebulas blockchain project releases plans for a massive DeFi ecosystem!

Recently, the Nebulas blockchain project released it’s revised roadmap detailing the immediate future of the project and its current direction. 

Even though the tough times, Nebulas persevered, endured and developed their own blockchain ecosystem with a custom consensus mechanism entitled Proof of Devotion (PoD),  which gave way to the development of a completely decentralized network as well as governance for all and even a unique decentralized staking (dStaking) method that eliminates security risks for the user.

With a strong foundation in place – both technologically and with the support of community governance, Nebulas can now continue to focus on its ecosystem by using its advantages over other blockchains.

DeFi to rule the economy

The features in development are designed to tap into the fast-paced market of Decentralized Finance (DeFi) with Nebulas offering many asset lending options via an on-demand trading platform similar to Uniswap but for Nebulas based NRC-20 token assets. The platform will also support instant asset swaps via its application layer resulting in faster, easier, cheaper, and more secure services.

A cross-chain bridge to ensure sustainability

Nebulas will be developing a cross-chain bridge where native Ethereum assets can be utilized on the Nebulas blockchain. In addition, Nebulas’ native asset NAS will be available on the Ethereum blockchain giving access to this unique asset to all. 

By developing cross-chain bridges, users on both networks have new tools and features to utilize. This includes Nebulas’ future decentralized exchange(DEX) which will offer transactions at a fraction of the cost when compared to the over-crowded Ethereum network.

Securing collateral

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Based on Nebulas’ decentralized staking (dStaking) technology, users looking to collateralize their assets on Nebulas will be pleasantly surprised to learn that their loaned assets remain in the original, controlled wallet thereby reducing the potential attack on pools of assets which has been an issue for other platforms. Nebulas believes the security of assets is of utmost importance.

Bringing Nebulas Rank to life

When Nebulas began development in 2017, one of its defining features was Nebulas Rank (NR) which essentially creates an advanced trust mechanism based on blockchain transactions. Combined with a multitude of DeFi applications and additional features coming soon to Nebulas, this idea will soon be a reality with all who participate in blockchain benefiting from this unique feature.


The Nebulas ecosystem has come a long way and all the new features being developed will give Nebulas the power and flexibility to create its own path in the blockchain ecosystem following the vision of letting everyone benefit fairly from decentralized collaboration. 

To learn more about Nebulas’ current roadmap, please visit the link.

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