The Paper House: This is what is coming for its expected fifth season

The fourth season of "La Casa de Papel" also broke records and the finale has left us speechless and biting our nails from the tension, as well as eager to know as soon as possible how everything will end.

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Well here we are going to advance the plot of the expected premiere of what will be the fifth season of this internationally famous Spanish series.

The shocking final scene of The Professor along with Inspector Sierra that ends on the black screen, closing season four could not be more effective and achieve greater uncertainty in the audience.

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Everything seems to indicate that the fifth season will be the end of this story full of dramas and robberies and therefore it must solve all the doubts that have been arising throughout the chapters.

Darko Perich previously hinted at the heist that started in the third season and will most likely end with this fifth. Well, we knew perfectly well that robbing the Bank of Spain became much more difficult than the previous robbery, as well as the rescue / liberation of Rio and its various complications.

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And it is that while the team was celebrating after being able to meet with Lisbon, the intuitive inspector Sierra discovers and presents herself in the new den where The Professor was sheltering himself with an impressive “Checkmate, c4br0n”.

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It was quite unexpected to go from persecutor to persecuted for uncovering being part of the torture system, of which Rio was a victim. Now, in “La casa de papel 5”, he has no choice but to flee.

However, I don't miss the opportunity to discover the leader's hideout in this gang of robbers. The obvious question we all asked ourselves is: Will Inspector Sierra end as Inspector Salazar ended and join the gang? It could be a logical option, but repeating the move again would not be very original.

Until now it seems that Inspector Sierra's only obsession was to stop the band, but now she also has to clean up her image and save her compromised situation, so the possibilities are so many that just imagining how they will close that scene keeps us in mind. busy.

Lisbon is now inside the bank, but with the teacher cornered by Inspector Alicia Sierra, Lisbon and the rest of the team have no way to escape. However, they will have to keep melting gold at full speed, and hope Sergio can find a way to outwit Sierra once and for all.

Some theories affirm that Alicia could be Tatiana (Berlin's wife) in secret, yes, both women are alike, but they are interpreted by different actresses, however, we cannot rule out any relationship between the two.


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