Vatican City, AP. Pope Francis, the greatest religious leader of Christians, on Friday prayed to God to give relief to mankind stricken by the Corona virus. The Pope offered this prayer to the nearly empty St. Peter's Square. Said, we are all stricken and disorganized. We all should help each other and get relief.

The Pope, standing behind the canopy-lined mantle on the St Peter's Basilica stairs, offered this prayer. He said that we do not have to be disappointed, keep our hearts and minds open to expectations. The Supreme Father will certainly heal all the bodies and create a sense of relief in the heart.

Pope Francis offered this prayer after nearly an hour of religious law. It was the same prayer as on Christmas and Easter. The Pope, dressed in white, climbed the stairs himself and reached the prayer platform. He resorted to his assistant only to climb the last ladder. In his hour-long prayer, the Pope described the crisis caused by Corona as an unprecedented storm for Italy and the rest of the world.

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The Pope said, we should realize that we are all riding a boat. We are all stricken and troubled. At such times, we need each other's help and comfort. We have to spend a difficult time fulfilling this need. Before the pandemic, there was confusion in people's lives. People were greedy for profit. Wars and injustice were happening. The poor were crying and not listening to their voice. Because of all this, the world became ill, it needs to be healthy. The Pope ended the prayer with a call to God to make the world healthy.

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Pope does not have corona infection

The Vatican, the holy country of Christians, issued a statement clarifying that Pope Francis and any of his close associates had not developed the corona virus.

1: Manish pandey

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