The Promise Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

WeTV debuted the Thai boy love drama This Promise on March 1st, 2023.It follows us on an adventure of love and heartache and is based on a real tale.

The show is a continuation of a two-part serial centered on Phupha and Nanfah, the two major stars.

In the first two-part series, we get one episode from Phupha’s viewpoint and the next from Nanfah’s perspective.

The Promise, the sequel, starts up where the first left off. The show is directed by Khom Kongkiat Khomsiri, a well-known Thai filmmaker and screenwriter best known for his most recent Thai BL series, KinnPorsche, which achieved international fame. He is a talented illustrator who has helped bring many lovely tales to life.

What occurred at the conclusion of Season 1?, Possible Release Date, Storyline, and Renewed or Canceled will all be covered in this page.

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The Promise Season 2 Release Date:

It’s important to understand that renewing a TV show is challenging as viewers anxiously anticipate The Promise season 2.

A show’s future hinges on its viewership, critical acclaim, cost of production, and cast and crew availability.

Thus, it’s possible that the director and production firm are delaying making a decision on the show’s future.

Through social media as well as other channels, viewers may continue to support the program.

By participating in the program and spreading the word, fans may affect the decision to continue it. We’ll keep fans informed about the debut of season 2 as usual.

The Promise Season 2 Trailer Release:

The second season of “Promise” trailer is not available. The official trailer for the much awaited second season has just been released, and we couldn’t be happier.

This teaser teases high drama and an interesting story as the characters navigate their complex connections and histories. Fans of “The Promise” won’t want to miss this captivating preview of yet another fantastic season.

The Promise Season 2 Cast:

  • Kun Kittikun Tansuhas asPhupha
  • Kiak Wattikorn Permsubhirun asNanfah
  • Boss Thawatchanin Darayon asParty
  • Mint Putthida Samainiyom asGiegie
  • Lift Supoj Janjareonborn asKen
  • Mickey Swiis Techaphuwanon asJo
  • Ruthaiwan Wongsirasawat asNamfon

The Promise Season 2 Storyline:

We learn about the daily lives of Nanfa & Phupha, who were closest friends and attended the same elementary school.

All of Nanfa’s siblings were to follow in the footsteps of their prosperous ancestors who had a pharmacy.

Phupha’s father had a coffee shop across from their pharmacy, serving customary coffee brewed with beans from his family’s farm.

They formed an odd relationship and stood by one other no matter what. When Phupha’s father passed away from heart illness, Nanfa consoled him.

Phupha persuaded Nanfa’s stern father to let him follow his desire to study advertising rather than seek a career in medicine. Since they were small boys, they have been together.

They shared a residence while attending the same school. Until Phupha just went one day without saying anything.

When Phupha abruptly shut off communication, Nanfa was left helpless and bewildered. He tried to get in touch with his closest buddy for the next 10 years, but he did not have clue where Phupha may be.

Phupha informed Nanfa in his last letter that he will see his mother in Melbourne before departing.

Nanfa travels to Melbourne for the next 10 years in an effort to run into Phupha. He experiences sleeplessness, feels alone, and is unable to find friendships that may help him feel better about himself.

This continues until Phupha unexpectedly moves in next to the door Nanfa. As the narrative progresses, we see the reunion of long-lost closest buddies.

We share similar heartbreaks, which are brought on by the same emotion—love—but which they each see in very different ways.

Phupha’s one-sided affection for Nanfa causes him anguish, and in an effort to move on, he leaves him lonely for 10 years.

Nanfa has both physical and mental problems as a result of losing his closest buddy suddenly and without reason.

The misunderstanding issues and the one-sided affection the two characters felt for one another but were unwilling to communicate will hopefully be resolved in The Promise’s first season finale, viewers can only hope.

Nothing would please us more than for Nanfa & Phupha to start dating and develop a loving relationship.

But as supporters, we always hope that the couples we support will be happy and content with one another.

If we’re lucky, we could see our favorite stars take on new roles to offer us a taste of what life is like after a relationship.

Even though the season finale hasn’t yet aired, the show’s emotional content has already heightened the stakes.

Every viewer’s mind starts to wonder as soon as Nanfa has a mental collapse. We see Phupha dealing with the feelings he has long suppressed and buried.

Their scenes are very moving due to the intensity of their emotions. After the tragic beginning, the season finale aims to provide a satisfactory conclusion for its characters and give the audience a feeling of satisfaction and joy.

On May 17, 2023, the season finale will broadcast, and it should be viewable on official websites.

The Promise Season 2 Rating:

The enticing new program gets a superb rating of 8.5 on DramaWiki and 8.1 on MyDramaList.

From its Thai audience of origin to audiences beyond, it is a drama that takes viewers on an emotional rollercoaster.

The Promise Season 2 Review:

The program is an intense, romantic drama that explores issues of friendships turning into romantic relationships.

The narrative is told in a straightforward but morally upright manner, and it is based on a genuine incident.

The narrative is unafraid to demonstrate how misunderstandings and hasty decisions may result in issues that shouldn’t have arisen in the initial place.

We are aware that human feelings are fallible and often force us to bring about our own grief out of fear.

The program balances humor and drama well, making it enjoyable to watch overall. The acting for the characters is excellent, and the directing is flawless.

Each episode has stunning images that carefully establish the mood for each scenario. The show’s soundtrack is calming and helps us to grasp the plot and emotions.

What number of episodes will be in season two of The Promise?

The amount of episodes for The Promise Season 2 has not been officially announced. But given the performance of the first season, we should anticipate a similar number of episodes for the future season.

The Promise’s first season consists of 70 episodes split into two parts. Given the success of the program and its enormous fan base, the second season will probably include similar assaults.

Fans can anticipate a thrilling and captivating story that will transport them on a journey of emotion, just as in the first season.

Where To Watch The Promise Season 2?

The program is a follow-up to a two-part series that explored Phupha and Nanfa’s respective stories.

The Promise, the primary series of the series, has a fresh director for the sequel, which alters the series’ overall tone.

Whereas the earlier two-part series instantly brought viewers to tears, the main series appears to be avoiding the emotional depth of the narrative.

Additionally, we see a few script modifications that, albeit minor, together cause significant issues.

In their performances as Phupha and Nanfa, respectively, actors Kun Kittikun Tansuhas and Kiak Wattikorn Permsubhirun excel.

For fans of BL or Thai drama in general, the series has the potential to be a fantastic addition to the list of passionate romantic dramas.

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