the restraining order for the stalker extended to 3 years

While on a professional level she is engaged in the production of Don’t worry darling with Florence Pugh, in her private life they have been turbulent months for Olivia Wilde. The actress and director was the victim of too urgent attention, resulting in stalking, by a man, for whom a restraining order became permanent.

It was Olivia Wilde who asked for an order last October to protect herself, her ex-husband Jason Sudeikis and their two children Otis and Daisy by 30-year-old Eric Nathanial Fuhs, and according to reports the judge has decided to extend therestraining order provisional previously imposed.

The actress claims that Fuhs’ harassment of him began when the man was able to gain access to one of his private call going on on Zoom, and that after getting his address he showed up several times, leaving letters talking about one elusive relationship between two.

One of the missives, in particular, was intended for Sudeikis, and the author warned him thatOlivia was unhappy in your relationship and wanted to start a new relationship with me … until January, when Harry Styles he took credit for what I was doing. “

For her love story with the former One Direction musician, among other things, Olivia Wilde had been attacked by haters.

The director of Dont’worry darling, concerned that Fuhs was able to find his private address, commented: “Since March 2021 I have been hiding and I am fighting to stay sane.”

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