The Royal Treatment Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

In recent years, Netflix has become one of the top content producers in the globe. This has been made possible by the creation and distribution of a seemingly never-ending stream of highly praised movies by some of the greatest names in film, like Martin Scorsese, Jane Campion, Alfonso Cuarón, Zack Snyder, and others.

Of course, they are also renowned for publishing and making a large number of lesser-known, blatantly schmaltzy romantic comedy films that indulge in all of the stupid clichés common to the genre.

As rising actors are often not permitted to feature in big motion pictures, they frequently take the lead in these movies. Given that Netflix now has hundreds of these comedies accessible to view, it is logical to assume that there will be more of them in 2022.

Another fantasy love comedy from Netflix is set to be released. Here are all the information we currently know about the forthcoming television program “The Royal Treatment.” There will be an hour and 36 minute long English-language edition of this movie.

The Royal Treatment Season 2 Release Date:

In order to provide fans new chapters within about a year of one another, Netflix has shown the ability to crank around these kinds of movies in a rather short period of time.

It’s feasible that a sequel might be made in time for a January or February 2023 release if it were to be ordered somewhere in the first half of 2022.

We’ll keep you informed immediately as any fresh details are available. Currently, Netflix is streaming The Royal Treatment.

The Royal Treatment Season 2 Trailer Release:

A cheesy romantic comedy called The Royal Treatment was made public in the official Netflix teaser.

This is similar to numerous previous rom-coms whereby the hero marries the guy & becomes a princess, yet they keep creating them.

They don’t innovate since they’ve already done it once. Izzy, who is portrayed by Laura Marano, takes advantages of the chance to work at her hair shop by attending the wedding of a gorgeous prince.

But as a relationship blossoms, who will win out—love or duty? They discover that the only way to have control over one’s future is to follow one’s heart.

The Royal Treatment Season 2 Cast:

  • Laura Marano as Isabella “Izzy”
  • Mena Massoud as Prince Thomas
  • Chelsie Preston-Crayford as Destiny
  • Grace Bentley-Tsibuah as Lola
  • Cameron Rhodes as Walter
  • Jay Simon as Doug
  • Sonia Gray as Madame Fabre
  • Elizabeth Hawthorne as Nonna
  • Amanda Billing as Valentina
  • James Gaylyn as Nate
  • Paul Norell as King John
  • Teuila Blakely as Queen Catherine
  • Jacque Drew as Ruth LaMott
  • Phoenix Connolly as Lauren LaMott
  • Matthew E. Morgan as Buddy LaMott

The Royal Treatment Season 2 Storyline:

A sequel to The Royal Treatment may potentially be commissioned by Netflix, despite the fact that the streaming giant has not yet made any announcements about its intentions.

Several of Netflix’s numerous series started out as what viewers believed would be stand-alone movies, but Netflix eventually shocked us by approving further films.

There is certainly a possibility we may see a second movie in the series given the open-ended manner the film finished and the fact that Netflix make a point of establishing the movie in the same shared world as its Christmas franchise.

We are convinced that there is more to be revealed now that Prince Thomas and Izzy have a connection.

The following films in many of these romantic comedy series have been utilized to further the love story of the main pair, with the follow-up picture often ending in an engagement or wedding, as we’ve seen in comparable Netflix movie franchises.

You may be wondering what the cast of “The Royal Treatment” will do, and it turns out that Marano and Massoud spend a significant portion of the film becoming in love with one another. The same as in many rom-coms, their romance won’t be simple.

Given that Isabella makes a livelihood operating her hair business in Marano, the challenges are rather significant. Similar to Prince Thomas in Massoud, Lauren will be made a princess, as implied by the name.

Thomas is determined to convert his future wife into a princess despite the fact that he has no love emotions for her.

Sparks start to fly between the hairdresser and the “hot” prince as Isabella and her coworkers get ready for the forthcoming royal wedding. “The Royal Treatment” isn’t likely to reinvent the traditional “star-crossed lovers” romantic plot.

This is acceptable since the routine has consistently produced excellent results for the genre. A love story, “The Royal Treatment” is brought to life by the acting abilities of Laura Marano and Mena Massoud.

A hairdresser, Izzy (Isabella) does hair. One day, a fire starts at her salon due to the microwave.

She pays the money she saved for her globe trip to Doug’s assistant when he demands payment for the damage to the salon.

Prince Thomas of Lavania asks his aide Walter to make a haircut appointment. Izzy receives a call from Walter informing her that she would get $500 for the haircut.

Izzy concurs. When she first meet the prince and starts cutting his hair, a domestic accidently spills her cup of tea.

Izzy abandons cutting the prince’s hair because she is outraged with how the housekeeper is treated.

Thomas enters the salon to complete the haircut after she returns. Izzy then agrees to accompany the prince back to the metro, and both of them go out to have a good time.

Thomas, Lauren, and Lauren’s mother debate who to employ as the wedding’s makeup artists the next day. Walter suggests visiting Izzy’s salon.

Izzy and her pals go for Lavania after Lauren & her mother give them approval. The royal wedding payment to them will be $50,000.

Madam Fabre, a different helper, assesses their cosmetics abilities. While Izzy succeeds, her employees fail, so Madam Fabre instructs them.

Thomas joins Izzy on her visit to the province. The Uber de Glares, which the royals see as a “dangerous” area of town, is where they have fun.

Thomas tells his family the next day that he wishes to do something for the people. Izzy urges the neighborhood residents to help the less disadvantaged kids by putting donations at the castle gate.

Lauren expresses to Thomas her desire for a portion of their future home to serve as her studio.

Thomas discovers a toy donation bin filled with kids’ toys inside the guardhouse. Additionally, he makes the decision to give certain royal furnishings that the queen threw away. Toys as well as royal furniture are driven to the orphanage by Izzy and Thomas.

Thomas and Izzy are becoming too close, as Lauren’s mother notices. Lauren dismisses the worry, saying that she prefers to focus on her company concepts than wed a stranger.

Izzy is asked to leave after a picture of them appears in the newspaper. It appears that the king and queen desire Thomas to wed Lauren because her family may be able to assist them in paying off their debts.

Walter informs Thomas that he is aware that Thomas loves Izzy on the wedding day. Thomas informs Lauren that he cannot wed her.

Since she too doesn’t want to get married, she is relieved. When Izzy comes back, the salon has had a significant fire.

She informs Doug that she talked with the owner, who had anticipated Doug to rewire the land last year, when Doug comes to ask for money.

The family decides to renovate the salon, but Izzy informs them that she no longer wants to work there and has chosen to become the director of a nearby community center instead.

Izzy hears horse hooves and looks out the fire escape of her home onto the road. Prince Thomas takes his horse over to Izzy’s residence and tells her he loves her. They embrace. They ride their horses to buy gelato as the film comes to a close.

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