The same? Margot Robbie and Galilea Montijo wearing the same swimsuit

The beautiful blonde Australian actress Margot Robbie who gives life to Harley Quinn in "Birds of Prey" appeared enjoying the beach in a flirty swimsuit that coincidentally one of the most beloved television conductors in Mexico Galilea Montijo also wore.

Margot Robbie began her career as an actress since 2007, although she has had the opportunity to participate in great projects, the most recent are those with which her fans immediately identify her, her interpretation of Harley Quinn became one of the world's favorite characters.

Although at some point in her life her talent was questioned, not only by some Internet users but also by other great personalities such as Jim Carrey, because she is extremely beautiful, the typical blonde ideal model, blue eyes and charismatic, she has always been associated with these types of characters with clumsiness, however Margot Robbie has managed to show that her talent far exceeds her obvious beauty.

Another thing that has caught the attention of some Internet users is the fact that she does not have a curvy figure like other celebrities of the show business and Instagram models, in fact she is thin but there are those who say "she has everything in its place", for Her followers are the perfect woman, something that they continually let her know on their social networks or wherever their photographs appear.

A few years ago on July 16, 2016 a photo was shared on Twitter where she appears very happy while coming out of the water wearing a two-piece swimsuit, apparently the design is woven, it has several colors so thanks to its White skin Margot Robbie looks spectacular.

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As for Galilea Montijo, part of the hosts of the morning program Hoy, in addition to being an actress, she is also a model and television presenter, she began her career since 1993, her first appearances were in beauty contests, later she ventured into telenovelas and little by little was integrated as a host of television programs.

She has been working on Hoy for some years, but at the same time she has collaborated as a presenter in other programs such as Pequeños Gigantes, thanks to her charisma and personality. Galilea Montijo He quickly managed to win the affection of viewers in addition to his evident sense of fashion, which we constantly see show off on his social networks.

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It was also through Twitter that an image of the beautiful Jalisco wearing the same swimsuit as the Australian actress was shared, the only thing different is the color, the one Galilea Montijo is wearing varies some colors, plus it is not just an image but several in a single publication.


The publication in which it appears Galilea Montijo It was shared on March 6, 2017 also on the microblogging service.

This is not the first time that two great celebrities who, although they may not know each other, coincide with some clothing items, a few months ago Thalia and Eiza González also wore a black dress that had details that were quite similar to each other.

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The interesting thing here is that Galilea Montijo is a woman with pronounced curves unlike Margot Robbie who is a little more slender and delicate, the two pieces of the swimsuit in both looked splendid.

It is interesting to find these cases on social networks, as mentioned it is not the only one and it may not be in the future.

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