The Thing About Pam Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, and Everything You Need to Know

Recently, Hulu has been showing a very popular show. It’s called “The Thing About Pam.” The release date for Season 2 of The Item About Pam is driving many fans crazy.

If you’re reading this, I keep hoping you are also interested in know when the next season of The Item About Pam comes out.

So don’t worry, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about The Item About Pam.

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The Thing About Pam Season 2 Release Date:

The official date for Season 2 of “The Thing About Pam” has not yet been set. The second season of The Item About Pam will come out sometime in 2023. Maybe, like the first season, it will be on Hulu. Let’s wait and see what comes next.

The Thing About Pam Season 2 Trailer Release:

There hasn’t been a confirmed date for the show’s return, so there won’t be a new trailer.

As far as we know, filming has still not began yet, and it looks like it will take a while.

But watch this space, because we’ll let you know as soon as we find out anything. You could indeed watch the trailer for Season 1 for now.

The Thing About Pam Season 2 Cast:

There are some well-known and talented actors in this show, such as

  • Renée Zellweger portrays Pam Hupp.
  • Mariah Day is sung by Gideon Adlon.
  • Lily Day is played by Olivia Luccardi.
  • Minnie is shown by Patricia French.
  • Drew Scheid is Travis Hupp’s lawyer.
  • Sarah Stipe features Sarah Hupp.
  • Tammy is played by Ann Mahoney.
  • Bonnie is played by Catherine Carlen.
  • Evan is played by Morgan Roberts.
  • Jerry is played by Barry Clifton.

Renee Zellweger is the main character of the show. She plays Pam Hupp, a businesswoman who is married to Mark Hupp, played by Sean Bridgers, who was arrested for killing Betsy Faria.

Josh Duhamel (Transformers) plays Joel Swift, and Russ Faria is his defense attorney. Judy Greer (Archer) plays Leah Askey, the prosecutor who tried Faria for killing his wife.

Gideon Adlon plays Betsy Day’s teenage daughter Mariah Day, and Mac Brandt, Katy Mixon (American Housewife), and Glenn Fehler are also in the show.

If there is a second game, the majority of the cast will come back and play the same roles they did in the first season.

The Thing About Pam Season 2 Storyline:

Russ Faria, Betsy Faria’s husband, was found guilty of killing Betsy Faria in 2011. However, he insisted that he wasn’t responsible for killing her.

This horrible crime was the first step in a chain of events that led to the discovery of a sinister plot that had a lot to do with Pam Hupp.

If the show is picked up for a second season, which seems unlikely, the story should pick up where the first season left off.

Nobody knows who killed Betsy or how she died yet, and the only means of establishing that Pam did it is through the evidence presented in court.

If the season 2 comes out, it must take place after Betsy’s murder trial is over. It will be about the evidence underneath her death, whether Pam did it or not, her confession if she is actually convicted, what she died her, or who helped her do it.

If she is actually convicted, the show will also talk about the new time she will spend in jail on top of the time she is already serving.

The Thing About Pam tells the shocking true story of Pam Hupp, a Missouri woman who reportedly murdered her best friend Betsy Faria for her life insurance money and then attempted to indict her husband, Russ Faria, for the 2011 crime.

(Hupp is currently serving a life sentence for killing Louis Gumpenberger in 2016, and she is waiting to be tried for killing Faria.)

Renée Zellweger told Entertainment Weekly in March that before she played Pam, she listened to the 2019 Dateline NBC podcast, upon which the program is centered, with her “jaw on the wheel.”

“The thing is, you are unable to comprehend the facts of this case. I’d say it’s getting more and more ridiculous.”

The horrifying details of the case have drawn a lot of attention. According to NBC, “The Thing About Pam” had the most digital premieres on Peacock of any show.

The Thing About Pam was always advertised as a 6 miniseries, and since the real example is still going on, there’s not much left to discover. Not right now, at least.

“When allegations were made against Pam, it felt even more essential that we respect Betsy’s story, her family’s narrative, and the reality as we know it,” said showrunner Jenny Klein.

“But Pam hasn’t been found guilty of killing Betsy yet, and the trial isn’t for a while, so we didn’t confirm as to if she did or didn’t.”

But does the story of Pam Hupp deserve to be brought up again after six episodes? On Rotten Tomatoes, the season has a score of 43%, which suggests that it is not.

Daniel D’Addario of Variety said that the succession feels like NBC bridge and is more about “the customs and rhythms of Dateline rather than a crime story,” since Dateline correspondent Keith Morrison comments on Hupp’s actions throughout.’s Ciara Wardlow said that The Point About Pam would have made a “much better feature film.”

And Ben Travers of Indiewire said that the series was a “each character piece” of Hupp that decided to make questionable choices in how it portrayed him, like needing Zellweger wear a fat suit and sometimes using a comedic tone. He wrote, “I hope that this will be the final thing we hear for a while.”

Reviews won’t be the only thing that will be taken into account, though. Scores and the eagerness of main players to come back are likely to be taken into account, among other things.

So far, there has been no confirmation of a second season. As the real example goes on, we’ll see if that changes.

The Thing About Pam Season 2 Rating & Reviews:


If you’ve never seen the show and are wondering how good it is, I can tell you that it’s pretty good.

The show has a good IMDb score of 6.1/10, and on Rotten Tomatoes, the average score from the audience is 50%.

So, this show is for sure on my list. If you’re still not sure if you want to see it, read what other people have said about it.


The narrator, played by Keith Morrison, makes this a dark comedy. If that’s not your thing, then this program won’t be for you.

If you like actual fact crime shows and have a “odd” sense of humor, like I do, you’ll stick with the series.

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