The UN again insisted on resuming negotiations in Venezuela to avoid an escalation in the

UN Security Council
UN Security Council

The United Nations Security Council spoke out "against" any escalation "in the situation in Venezuela and again asked to" resume "the negotiations among the political actors of the Caribbean nation.

"We remain convinced that negotiation between the main political actors in Venezuela is the only way to get out of the current crisis", insisted the Secretary General of the United Nations for Political Affairs and Peacekeeping, Rosemary Dicarlo.

The Security Council of The UN held a meeting on Wednesday at the request of Russia, to discuss ‘Operation Gideon’, an alleged failed operation that would have been aimed at turning over the Venezuelan dictator, Nicolás Maduro, to the US authorities, who offer $ 15 million for his capture for being accused of drug-related crimes.

Dicarlo, insisted that the Secretary General of the United Nations, António Guterres, spoke on May 4 against the escalation in Venezuela, has urged all member states to support an eventual reestablishment of the negotiations, emphasizing that " political dialogue and respect for Human Rights ”is the position held by the UN.

In this context, Dicarlo also referred to the context derived from the COVID-19 pandemic and has described as “disturbing” the politicization of humanitarian aid to Venezuela.

Russia announced it will present a draft to the Council for the body to present a press statement rejecting any threat or use of force, as stipulated in the United Nations letter.

The representative of the United States, Kelly Knight, denied during the session that the North American country participated in any way in the events that occurred on May 3 and 4, criticizing the meeting as "a waste of time."

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According to Knight, The letter in which the Venezuelan regime denounces the incursion to the Security Council is "a long compilation of unprovable and false fantasy accusations" He regretted that Russia consents to "the regime's recurring habit of blaming others for its regrettable decisions."

Kelly Knight
Kelly Knight

In this context, he stressed that The United States will not cooperate with these attempts to evade responsibilities and has accused Caracas of "abuses of Human Rights" and of "trying to distract attention with this supposed coup."

"The United States did not enter Venezuela and categorically rejects any claim to the contrary," The ambassador pointed out, adding that The countries that interfere in the Caribbean nation are Cuba and Russia.

By last, The Colombian representative to the UN, Guillermo Fernández de Soto, also denied Bogotá's involvement in ‘Operation Gedeón’ and affirmed that Venezuela is “a sister nation” whose citizens “respect and provide aid”.

According to Fernández de Soto, Venezuela "suffers a multidimensional crisis with half its population in poverty," which he has blamed on being the product of a failed state.

Likewise, he accused Maduro of not having listened to the different initiatives launched to achieve a peaceful and negotiated solution to the situation of the Latin American country, such as those presented by the Lima Group or the European Union.


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