The US called on its citizens in Nicaragua to store food and take refuge in the face of danger from the

Authorities sanitize a person before entering a soccer stadium in Nicaragua (REUTERS / Oswaldo Rivas)
Authorities sanitize a person before entering a soccer stadium in Nicaragua (REUTERS / Oswaldo Rivas)

The United States Embassy in Nicaragua recommended this Thursday to its citizens that store enough food, water, and medicine for 15 days, and seek refuge, due to surprise restrictions by President Daniel Ortega in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.

"US citizens who remain in Nicaragua must ensure they have an adequate supply of food, water and medicine to take refuge for at least two weeks," the US Embassy warned, in an alert issued on its website in English.

Until now Nicaragua is the only country in America that has not established any type of restriction against coronavirusHowever, within the country there are rumors about a possible quarantine call in the coming days.

The Ortega regime only recognizes 25 cases of contagion with the new coronavirus, including 8 dead, however, the independent Citizen Observatory COVID-19 has reported at least 1,003, with 188 deaths.

The difference between government data and that of the independent observatory was pointed out by the American embassy as a reason to seek protection, since air connections will remain closed at least until the beginning of next June, and although Nicaragua has not closed its borders, its neighbors, Costa Rica and Honduras already have.

"The Embassy advises US citizens who are still in Nicaragua to prepare now to take refuge there.”, Indicated the diplomatic headquarters.

The United States had already recommended to its citizens to leave Nicaragua, since last March 19, a day after the Government acknowledged having the first case of COVID-19.

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The way Ortega has handled the pandemic has awakened strong criticism inside and outside the countryBecause, in addition to not establishing restrictions, it implemented timid prevention measures late, and continues to promote agglomerations, which are attended by Sandinista militants, who are then sent to visit house by house.

The situation in Nicaragua is seen as an obstruction to the right to health by the office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) and the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR).

Relatives of political prisoners in a protest (Courtesy La Prensa)
Relatives of political prisoners in a protest (Courtesy La Prensa)

Nicaraguan "political prisoners" suffer COVID-19, denounce their relatives

At least 36 "political prisoners" suffer the symptoms of COVID-19 in NicaraguaOnly one of whom has received medical attention and is in critical condition, a group of family members of people who have been arrested for expressing themselves against Daniel Ortega reported on Thursday.

The complaint comes a day after the Nicaraguan regime, amid strong pressure for prison conditions in the face of the pandemic, He sent 2,815 inmates home, but did not include any “political prisoner” among the beneficiaries.

"There are 35 political prisoners with symptoms of COVID-19, plus Uriel (Pérez), who is hospitalized, none were released yesterday, that shows the criminal nature of the Ortega Murillo regime”Rodrigo Navarrete, uncle of the prisoner recaptured last July, Jaime Navarrete, who has irreversible injuries due to torture in prison, said at a press conference, according to multiple complaints.

"Political prisoners" show symptoms such as persistent cough, fever, tiredness, and shortness of breath, said Karen Lacayo, sister of convicted Edward Lacayo, who in addition to suffering signs of COVID-19 has chronic diabetes, so his case is one of risk.

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While the relatives gave the conference, the “political prisoner” Wilmer Mendoza, who had also been captured after being released in 2019, suffered a sudden blackout at a trial hearing against him, in the Managua Judicial Complex.

"Passed out, expelling saliva and urinating, the recaptured political prisoner Wilmer Mendoza Espinoza was removed from the courtroom"Denounced his lawyer, Eber Acevedo, with the photo of the man lying on the floor, while the officials simply observe him.

“This is what political prisoners live. All officials, and judicial workers, and police officers, totally inert and negligent, ”criticized the lawyer for the Permanent Commission on Human Rights (CPDH), María Oviedo, who was also locked up in a prison in 2019.

Human rights defenders have claimed that in Nicaragua opponents, including “political prisoners”, are not guaranteed access to health.

(With information from EFE)


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