The Witch of Acapulco Shore reveals the future of the members to Show News

Mayra macias "The Witch of Acapulco Shore" shared in an interview with Show News the future that holds for the members of the program.

In the last episode of Aca shore We had the opportunity to see something interesting that happened to the members of the program, as they had the visit of Mayra Macía, a seer from the port of Mazatlán, Sinaloa.

Thanks to an exclusive interview with her provided information that surely more than one will be interested in knowing.

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Mayra was excited by the reaction she has had from the public and his admirers, thanks to this he has had quite a response in terms of reading letters, as many people want to know them thanks to Its performance in that chapter.

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The young seer had planned to be alone twenty minutes In the program, however, the acceptance of the Shore was so great that he ended up staying three hours with them.

"I immediately click with the people in front of me, I try to be very objective, many people told me that I was cruel in saying things to Mane on the show, but in reality I simply said what my letters were expressing to me", Mayra commented.

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States that Mane she was upset because she was not prepared to receive that information, since not everyone is always ready and perhaps it was the case of the young shore.

"If she is inside her bubble believing that their relationship is in a certain way she will deny everything, at the end of the day time will have the last word," he commented.

Potro, Karime and Nacha They behaved very well with Marya, she commented, however she commented that Nacha was the one who had the best vibes, she asked her many questions and that she will be one of the people who will be very successful, although she says that she already has it that she sees her present success.

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Karime is another of the people in the house who after the program will be quite successful, as you well know is premiering its fifth season of "Whatever you do 5G"As for Mane, she believes she will need to add more certainty to boost her career.

And finally he commented that Javi he will have a lot of momentum in his business and that he will also do very well in the future.

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