They affirm: Karla Luna communicated with her sister from beyond


The actress and comedian Karla Luna who lost her life to cancer on September 28, 2017 and who was one of the "best friends" of Karla Panini They claim that he just communicated from the beyond with his sister.

As you will remember it was not only her physical loss of this world but the loss of her husband Americo Garza, who was unfaithful to him with what he believed was his "best friend" and part of The Laundresses her ex friend and partner Karla PaniniBesides being her "best friend", the scandal became even bigger when Luna lost her life, as her followers could never forgive the new couple.

Even today, on the Internet, especially on social networks, there are criticisms, bad comments and memes against both Americo Garza like Karla Panini, Internet users are on the lookout for any movement of the couple to blame them on the issue of Karla Luna to remember her.

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The same happens with the "Comare Morena" as she was referred to when she played her character from "Las Lavanderas" at the moment her name appears in the news, it immediately becomes a trend because before she lost her life Karla Luna She was already quite loved by the general public, which grew even more when she lost the robe to cancer.

It was during the transmission of a program "Laura uncensored" with the Peruvian Laura Bozzo, in which Ángel Gabriel, a recognized seer, shared a news with Erika Luna, the sister of the late Laundress.

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Before the seer began to speak regarding the revelation of Karla Luna, Laura Bozzo began to present and remember a little the case of "The Laundresses", stating that he was always in favor of Luna, without further ado he welcomed the guests and began the intervention of Ángel Gabriel in the Peruvian program.

The message he shared was that he had an immeasurable desire to talk to her, and that from where he was, he supported her in everything she did and that she already knew it because she was sorry, she also made another revelation because she states that "The brunette comare" that very good things would come for her "something great" in her verbatim words.

Another comment that the seer added was that Karla Luna he had been helping his own sister and even helping her.

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Since her sister died, Erika Luna has been fighting for Karla's children to be together, since the youngest live with Americo Garza her father and are estranged from her brothers, which the Laundress did not want in life, she had asked her sister to do everything possible to keep her children together.

Ángel Gabriel caused Érika's tears to roll down her cheeks by sharing another message from Karla Luna because he affirmed that in order for him to feel his presence, he has had to do quite strange things because he feels the pain that the family has gone through, it was then that the ex-sister-in-law of Americo Garza she began to cry confirming that she had indeed felt the presence of her sister.

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The seer asked him for the support of the public present to continue supporting Érika Luna, stating that it had been precisely the same Karla who was requesting them, as just mentioned the children of the former friend of Karla Panini They are separated and there is a strong dispute between both families so that the youngest children can share time with both their siblings and with their mother's family.

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