They affirm that Itatí Cantoral ended up with his face paralyzed


Recently, an impressive news from one of the most recognized actresses in all of Mexico was shared Itatí Cantoral, claim that it ended their paralyzed face while I was still recording.

This event occurred days before he became infected with coronavirus, some claim that to some extent it was something beneficial for the actress because he was able to rest for two weeks in a row.

It was through an interview for a renowned magazine in which they stated that Itatí Cantoral his face was paralyzed, due to an excess of hyaluronic acid injected into his face.

Although no sources were shared or more details were given who revealed said data, it is only known that the person who gave said interview, the magazine TV Notes, affirms that he is close to the artist and was present when the altercation occurred.

There were 16 questions that were asked to this person in which he expressed in great detail what he had seen in Itatí Cantoral.

Unfortunately Itatí Cantoral, is part of an exclusive guild of celebrities who have chosen to use cosmetic surgery or also the aforementioned cosmetic arrangements, to maintain their "youth" regardless of the obvious passage of time.

Although it could be said that Itatí cantoral, recognized for her character as Soraya Montenegro in the telenovela "María la del barrio", has not been subjected to the scalpel as far as is known, she has chosen to use other methods to maintain and show off her younger skin.

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According to the magazine, it was a production person of the project in which the actress is currently participating, who told the details of the moment when her face was paralyzed, this also made it difficult for her to do some scenes, she also added that the actress also came to feel strong pains on her face.

It seems that she was injected with more than she is used to receiving, says this source that it was not the first time that she had been injected with this type of acid, which helps hydrate the skin to make it look younger, However, using it in excess also has complications.

This source states that Itatí Cantoral She got to suffer certain pains such as burning, certain stitches in her face and strong pain so much that she could not bear to have her features touched hard at the time of putting on makeup, in addition to the expressionlessness of her face which was more than evident, in addition to her companions of cast on social networks, her fans also noticed by being noticed and criticizing her immediately.

The actress had to accept that she had made certain "aesthetic arrangements" because her situation was more than evident, in addition to the fact that she could not move her face and express emotions when acting, so she had complications when recording her scenes, they even had to make some modifications and also end up being scolded.

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Something that stood out a lot is that his face was a little swollen, and despite the two weeks that he had off from the infection, the swelling did not go down that much.

The source expressed that he did not understand why such beautiful women had to resort to these types of tactics to maintain their youth, stating that many times instead of looking better they end up damaging not only their physique but also their image as a celebrity.

It is not known if Itatí Cantoral He will continue to practice or inject things into his face, however it is more than evident that it is a lesson like these lasts for a lifetime.

Over the years we have seen some interesting cases of actresses and singers resorting to the scalpel to maintain a youthful appearance, some being more than guessing and some quite low-key.

A woman will always be beautiful either inside or outside, there are those who have the opportunity to improve their appearance and it is fine as long as they take care of their health, I hope this custom does not exaggerate their features because they only end up being criticized by their own fans.

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