They assure that Livia Brito could go to jail soon


The Cuban-born actress Livia Brito is still facing the consequences of having faced a paparazzi in Cancun, Quintana Roo, Mexico due to the altercation she had with this person and according to the politician Juan Rosales could go to jail at any time.

Today she is recognized as one of the favorite actresses in telenovelas, she has not only captivated with her talent but also with extreme beauty, however from what can be seen this will not prevent her from "escaping" from justice as many do. they assure.

For several weeks that the Cuban actress has been in trend, due to this conflict that she had with the photographer, several television programs have rejected her as well as the public.

Juan Rosales confirmed that his own Livia Brito had asked him to remove all the evidence against him, however he refused and said that the actress you will have to face justice as any other citizen would.

Finally, the authority did justice to the media, it is prosecuted and goes from the public prosecutor to a court where to dictate the time and form that they can detain, for not complying on time, it informs the repair of the damage and it will surely go to jail "said Juan del rosal.

Although in effect Livia Brito You can take other actions to avoid stepping on jail, one of the clearest examples to take a little more time is with an amparo, in short, according to the politician, you do not have the elements to get out of this situation, which would at least be a minimal detention.

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Apparently 60 psychological sessions had been ordered, with this he already proceeded legally legally and that the same prosecutor's office ruled immediately, so that he could be processed at any time, since it seems that he had not complied with the sentence that the judge.

The politician also alleged that it was not his problem that due to the conflict that she herself caused, because she claimed that she had lost some employment contracts, that was out of her jurisdiction, shared Rosales, who made reference to the fact that the also model should be responsible for his own acts practically.

For a moment Livia Brito assured that because of Juan Rosales, the producer Juan Osorio had withdrawn an important role in a telenovela because of him, however that had no relationship whatsoever with the politician, ensuring that it was not his fault and not his problem because in his At the moment he wanted to help her, however she literally did not allow herself to be helped.

At first she denied having attacked the paparazzi, however all the evidence was against her so she ended up admitting it and even ended up apologizing publicly.

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In the public apology that the beautiful actress made, she mentioned having been relaxed and at peace on the beach, however, there came a time when she felt vulnerable after she realized that someone was invading her space, while she was hiding taking photos of her. , which did not please the actress at all.

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He also indicated that he had asked the photographer to delete the images he had taken previously, however, having a refusal from this person, having as a result (the one expected by anyone), that a discussion would take place when she was upset Immediately, she claimed that he had pushed her, Brito reacting immediately by slapping Ernesto Zepeda, who subsequently engaged in a demand against him.

The race of Livia Brito It began in 2010, throughout these ten years its presence was more noticeable and it was even having several leading roles until recently, we hope that its problem is solved in the best way.

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